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After more than three years here, you can now find my blog at Hope to see you there!    
I've been doing some file clean up and came across a Google doc I put together last year as part of a panel on Green Real Estate Strategies at the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing last October.  Here's the URL to my factsheet on steps you can take to "green" your practice:
 If you're a new buyer in this market, you'll want to be prepared, now more than ever!  I can offer you:  · A free, comprehensive list of all open houses in the East Bay (not just those in the Chronicle, etc.), sent to your email box before noon each Saturday;  · Free email updates sent to your e...
You know me well enough to know that I'm a straight shooter, more interested in making sure you have the right advice and insight than in getting a check in my pocket.  My reputation depends on that.  And it's important to know when market trends are counterintuitive.  "Everyone knows" that now's...
OK-here's a bit of a diversion.  Did you hear knowing moans around you when you saw Julie and Julia--the part when the four friends are out for drinks and one says something like "I asked my personal assistant to go to Safeway and buy pancetta for my big dinner tomorrow, and when I got home she s...
Recently, a client I'd been working with for quite a while mentioned that he was thinking that he'd stay here in the Bay Area for 2-3 years, and then move away.  Always paying attention to serve my clients' best interests, I said, "hey; we should rethink this home purchase gameplan, then." We tal...
This quarter, I've closed all my transactions (it's not uncommon for deals to fall through these days!),  assembled market info for clients trying to decide how best to meet their real estate goals (should we sell now or later?  Buy first and sell second?), wrote ''green real estate'' stories and...
I missed the great article in Bay Nature magazine recently about area plant sales.  They have a great web resource with links to the non-profit organizers, however, and most organize several sales per year.  So click through and see who's got a sale this weekend!  
Click here for the cool graphic I've been including in the last few updates of home price trends in 20 metro areas, based on the Case-Shiller Index.  Those curves are pretty consistently trending up--roughly what I'm seeing on the ground in this market.  And these figures are through the end of A...
We repainted our trim in Piedmont not long ago (now have a Warm Brick thing going rather than Forest Service Green).  The brown paint for some trim and the gate has a touch of red in there, which feels like Mexican mole sauce if you stare at it long enough.  Yum!! If a paint job is in your future...

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