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Last night at the Republican debates, Herman Cain directed everyone to his website where he said that he now has a detailed analysis of his 9-9-9 plan.  I was so happy to hear that because previously he had just leaked it out to select journalists. Being the policy wonk that I am, I went there to...
Million, Billion, Trillion.  Sometimes it's difficult to comprehend such large numbers.  Therefore, our national debt and our federal budget don't really seem real.  A $38 billion cut might actually seem like a lot to a $3.8 trillion budget. 38 is bigger than 3.8, isn't it.  It's difficult to do ...
Before getting too excited about Herman Cain's bold 9-9-9 tax plan, you might want to think through the consequences of how it will affect your real estate business and the industry as a whole. Do your own research and let me know if you find my analysis to be off. First, the 9-9-9 plan imposes a...
9-9-9 is getting a lot of play lately.  Last night at the Republican debates in New Hampshire Herman Cain was getting it from all sides. I've been trying to research the details to find out more specifics to see what it's all about.  I have to assume that under this plan, new houses and new cars ...
For the record, I wanted to document the genisis of "Occupy Wall Street".  I don't know why so few journalists report how it started and who organized it.  But like the Tea Party, many showing up to protest have their own agendas and reasons for participating.  It was started by Adbusters and is ...
Eva Galambos, the mayor of Sandy Springs, is a lady who gets things done quickly. Yesterday evening I emailed her in frustration about a traffic light that made me wait for 10 minutes while it went through three cycles of letting every other lane of traffic go except mine. This has happened to me...
The numbers from July, 2011 are out from the FMLS.  The charts below are for detached homes in the whole FMLS market area.  It gives you an overall view of a large area.  Atlanta is a large area to cover and it has many market areas that differ very much from one another.  You can't go by county....
Youtube is a wonderful thing.  You can go back in time and get clips of politicians saying the darndest things. Here's Obama on July 3, 2008.  I really liked what he was saying.  I was so upset at Bush for running up the national debt more than anyone else in history and here was Obama voicing my...
We had the first Atlanta ActiveRain Meetup group meeting last night. I thought it went very well.  Unfortunately, the time just flew by too quickly. We had 12 people who were able to make it.  We had several people who cancelled at the last minute.  We all know how real estate can be. Getting to ...
If the Congress passed a national sales tax of 5% on top of all of the taxes we already have, do you think that we would have a lot of people screaming and yelling?  No exemptions for food.  No exemptions for poor people.  Everyone pays the same on every purchase that is made.  Anyone calling for...

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Truth, Excellence and a Good Deal
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