He used a rider on his sign to explain that, although he reduced the price of his home, the owner is neither stupid or desperate.  So who needs a sign explaining they are not stupid?
How did they get this past the community's architectural committee?  I wonder if there are any men who live in the house?
It did not take much to add "teeth" to the porch of this home and give the house a funny face.  The owners must have a sense of humor.
. . . take them off at the door when you enter this home.  The builder had been reading Mother Goose Rhymes to so many children that he did not know what to do.
I am not sure that the community's covenants approved the color.  The house is no longer standing on Baltimore Avenue.  It was replaced by a hotel.  Red, of course.
  . . . to build a Worried House.  Some houses have personality.  This one appears shocked by what is going on inside its four walls.   We could sell this house, but my expression would match the house's.  
. . . and this one looks mighty happy.  The homeowner comes home to a smile every day.  How could anyone be in a bad mood around this home?
  Driving by this home would cause anyone to take a second look.  Let the appraiser search his system for comparables to appraise this baby.  Yes, it was built to look as if it is upside down.  Sometimes we all feel that way.  
  Whether you use a Realtor or Real Estate Agent as a Buyer Broker, his or her first job is to help you find a home that is suitable and affordable.  This takes listening to your wants and needs, and asking you follow-up questions that prompt further explanatiion.  Whether or not the agent is act...
Drew's commute to Atlanta had gotten worse over the years, and since their son moved out to go to college, he and Tina decided to move closer to his work to save him a couple of hours each day that he was currently spending in his car.  Tina looked online for a good realtor that has a successful ...

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