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It is very important, especially in a down market that people are active with their prospecting. This could range from mailers, to utilizing your sphere of influence, or following through on expired or withdrawn listings. The key thing is to be active. Yes, you are going to face a lot of rejectio...
I live in a state that is very unique.  Half of the state has deeds of trusts, the others have mortgages. There are only a handful of states that use mortgages and the majority use the deed of trust. The major difference lies after a person defaults. With a mortgage, the laws are different and th...
In my town, each neighborhood tells a unique and different story. Some neighborhoods show the age and growth, while others have unique traits.  Regardless of what the neighborhood has to offer, it is essential to know the different neighborhoods around your city. When a person states that they wa...
In real estate we come upon people from all sorts of walks of life, from the blue collar to the white collar worker. It is extremely important for your reputation that we treat all of them with the respect that they deserve and the service you would give to Bill Gates. This did not happen to me, ...
With the trouble in the mortgage and real estate industry it is essential to your clients to be able to spot scams. Although some may be difficult to spot, others can follow one of these patterns.1. They ask the seller to help mortgage the property, usually 10-20 percent. Although notes are commo...
As I have read on Active Rain, I am realizing that real estate agents have a bad reputation. If reputation is all you have, then we need to show people that we are not snobs but people who care about our community. Which brings me to my topic what makes a good agent? The following is a list of tr...
When is the best time to buy? That is the question that is plaguing many many people as the Holiday season is upon us.  Do we wait until January? Do we wait until the market plunges another 5-10,000 lower on home prices? Do we buy now? It is no wonder that consumers are inundated with these decis...
My wife and I were watching a court television show yesterday, when the first case on the agenda was a homeowner suing a real estate agent who did not disclose that there was flooding in the house. The plaintiff won almost $4000 because of the intentional lack of disclosure.  Don't put yourself i...
Increasingly on Active Rain, I am seeing a lot of different methods that people use when approaching expired listings.  Some people cold call, while others send a flier to the owner and then call to make sure that it is received. While others take actually go to the house and introduce themselves...
After reading many, many blogs on active rain in the short month that I have been here, I have come up with a short list of blogging tips that could be useful to members of active rain that are new to the scene.1.  Keep it short.  Keep you blogs to a maximum to half a page.  Although some people ...

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