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The number one thing that can help a person be successful in a down market is customer service skills.  Many people tell you, you have to have them, but what exactly are the most important qualities customers are looking for? The answer to that is very easy, all you have to do is remember the iss...
Many people are so desperate in my area to make money that they are willing to sacrifice their commission for the clients. Is that a good thing or bad thing? You decide.  My approach to this is that I am worth at least 3% for a commission for the service that I provide. If a person wants a lower ...
Simple question.  Not so simple answer.  There are many reasons why people blog on places such as Active Rain. The following things are reasons that I blog. First, by blogging, it helps keep your webpage up-to-date on a daily basis, especially if you are connected to Active Rain or the other site...
Many people have different philosophies and styles in how they present themselves.  They present this image of designer suits and experience, while exuding confidence.  The best way to market is to be yourself and interact with people. People can spot phonies a mile away and if you put on an act,...
Where is your next deal coming from?  Is it from your sphere of influence (SOI), your website, active rain, or your mailing.  The truth is you never know where your next deal is coming from. Your next deal could come from the grocery clerk, your fellow colleague at your second job, if you have on...
Many people are talking about the possible government intervention in the foreclosure crisis that would freeze rates at 5 years for people expecting increases. The thing most people do not know is that if the government does intervene that these freezes would not be mandated but voluntary.  Mortg...
This is a question that many real estate agents ask after finding out that their client does not want them as their agent. Losing a client is very hard for real estate agents, even though we all understand you can't satisfy everyone. By asking what went wrong?, agents have an opportunity to learn...
It is especially important for new agents to remember that your clients are your lifelines. I have read numerous blogs by agents that show mistakes that have been made to not only losing the client, but possibly also your reputation as an agent. The following is a quick list of things to avoid wh...
When my wife signed me up with standard version of Point2Agent I was shocked with the type of templates that were there and all the goodies that came with it. However, the Professional Version is absolutely incredible. My wife is a professional web designer and by upgrading to the Professional Ve...
This is geared towards the newbies into real estate, The choice of brokerage that you work for is probably the most important decision that you make. Brokerages will offer you splits of 60-40, 70-30 or 80-20 to start. However, the split is the last thing you should look at as an agent. The bigges...

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