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In this time of crisis, where many people are losing their homes there are many terms that people need to understand.  They also need to understand all their options, before just turning their home over to the bank.Preforeclosure:  This occurs when you get the first letter from the bank stating t...
This is just a word of advice to consumers out there regarding short sales. Many people are encountering the following situation.  You make an offer and the agent issues a counter-offer, which generally means that your offer has been accepted and that the escrow process has started. However, don'...
I just wanted to introduce Constance Robinson from ERA Village One Real Estate to the Newbie group.  She has been in the industry for many years and is a multi-million dollar agent (Realtor).  She is also the lead agent and office manager for my office and actually was the one that hired me on. H...
Many people know the Central Valley in California is the foreclosure capital of the nation, currently.  You can go down any block and see REO properties left and right and can tell they are such by the front lawn. In this area, almost 40% of the loans that were made two years ago are in some stag...
I have encountered a situation recently that really has me concerned and would appreciate your input on this.  I made a bid on a short sale property in Manteca and a week later received a counteroffer from the agent stating that the hot tub wasn't staying and that the property was a short sale. W...
There are many people out there that see houses for sale and want to buy a home, but do not totally understand the process to obtain one. They call the Realtor whose home is for sale, but have no idea where to really begin.The first thing a person needs to do is to obtain pre-approval.  This not ...
I just read an article in the Sacramento Bee where investors are taking tour buses to view foreclosure to foreclosure listings.  Has anyone else heard about this.  I know of Realtors going in caravans to see actual listings that are on the market and giving feedback, but bus loads of investors lo...
Right now buyers are out there looking for bargains in this market. Many buyers are hesitant and are waiting for the bottom to occur.  Speaking from experience most people ending up missing the bottom and either catch it right before or right after it has occurred. In my area of Modesto, I have s...
I have had the great fortune lately of being in the middle of a tremendous bidding war for houses. Buyers have a wonderful opportunity to buy in this market.  They are all looking for a deal and many people are looking for an all out steal.  With home prices changing fairly quickly in this market...
Being a Realtor in the Modesto, California area and helping people buy and sell houses is a passion of mine. It is a great way to meet people and help people realize the American Dream of property ownership. I only know how to exist in a buyers market.  I got into the industry when the market was...

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