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In many markets across the United States, the term short sale is getting to be very well-known among agents, loan officers and banks.  It can be the kiss of death with a sale, since it takes longer to do, usually.  I am including some helpful hints for consumers and agents to help speed up the pr...
Billions of dollars are spent each year on advertising.  It almost seems that everywhere we go that someone or something is trying to sell a product.  There are many different forms of advertising which I will spare thhat discussion on this blog, but what matters is whether your advertising is ac...
Many realtors as shown in a few featured blogs are leaving the market, because of how poor the conditions are right now for realtors.  This housing correction has been long overdue in many markets and we should see the bottom of it in many areas by probably the end of next year.  What do you do u...
Outside of a person being unprofessional the one problem I have with many real estate agents is being on time.  In my office and at marketing meetings it is often joked about that there is regular time and then there is realtor time.  In my area, the first few meetings I had, I scheduled for 6pm....
In addition to selling homes, it is essential to make sure that you clients are fitted with the resources that they need. I know any time that I have moved I have had to find electric companies, cable, water, etc.  It is a major inconvenience having to go through the phone book trying to find thi...
Many of the pitfalls that many real estate agents encounter is the lack of time throughout the day.  Therefore it is important to manage our time wisely so we can be as efficient as possible.  Despite doing this, and maybe many of you can relate, there are certain things that we do not want to do...
I am an agent in the number one foreclosure area in the nation.  People are being evicted and leaving their homes in droves.  The numbers have it that 1 in 100 homes are in the process of being foreclosed upon.  The picture I paint is not pretty.  Many realtors have left the business in the last ...
Everyone is extremely focused upon the Internet and advertising.  Beware of people that make promises that they can take you to page one of Google or other search engines almost overnight.  For those of you out there that are able to optimize your web pages yourselves I applaud you.  It is an ext...
When I first became an agent, I learned how to develop my sphere of influence through networking, sending post cards and pop by's.  I had an agent training me in the Buffini System. Just some things that I learned on my own.  1. Call clients at times that are convenient for them. If they work at ...
I have read many complaints from Realtors regarding part-time agents and assistants.  Yes, in every field there are some people that are lazy and should not be in a given field. But, when you do find a good assistant to help you with your everyday things, it is important to make sure that they fe...

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