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Almost every realtor here knows about short sales and the long time process that some of the banks can take to respond to any offer. Most consumers may not be willing to wait the time period necessary to get a response, and some short sales are listed too late to get a response prior to being auc...
In my area, I am astonished as to how many agents do not have a separate website that promotes their name. I do realize that some agents may be new and may not have the advertising dollars to spend money on creating a web site or do not have the expertise to maintain one.  I also realize that som...
Every one tries to target customers or consumers.  But many people don't ask the customers what annoys you? What do you like? What misconceptions do you have about real estate?  In order to best target your audience you need to know what they are looking for, right now and be one step above them....
Many realtors are having a hard time in areas that have been severly affected by the mortgage companies tightening loan requirements and the sub-prime defaults and foreclosures.  But many are thriving in this time where bargains are the name of the game.  What separates out these realtors?  Why a...
I ran into an unusual situation about a month ago, with an REO property.  In my area there have been a lot of scams, with people ripping off mortgage companies and couples buying homes.  After spending about an hour of research, I found that it was indeed a legitimate property and the realtor was...
Now that the holiday season is upon us, it is a time of year when many markets dry up until January, February, or March.  Well in many of our market, that has already happened to us.  So why not sell houses during this time of year.  Is it that we are assuming that buyers want to wait until after...
When I first started real estate, little did I know that I needed to take photography classes to capture the essence of a room.  I soon found that the camera you have makes the difference between a room looking small and a room looking majestic. The camera is perhaps the most important tool that ...
Many people in the good times of real estate were able to get away from the basics and let the sellers come to them.  Those days are over.  If you want the buyers, then you will have to go out and get them.  But what to do? This will vary depending on the area, the market and clients. However the...
I understand that real estate is a very competitive business and I want nothing more than to make the sale as the next agent.  However, I am seeing this competition being taken to extremes by some brokerages and agents. For example a few months ago a colleague of mine was doing an open house near...
The following is a list of things how to keep customers.  This is a combination of things I have learned from different "systems" and experience.1. Keep in contact. Whether it be a pop by or a call once a month.  Keep the communication open. They are more apt to use you again if you do.2.  Be pro...

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