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Selling Your Home in Coral Springs?
Would you pay 18% to buy a home? I almost have to chuckle when I see the Headline of: "Mortgage Rates rise to 3.62%" Oh, no, that high?! How about paying 18% in the early 80's?! It's almost impossible to comprehend such a high rate which is why seeing our current August 17, 2012 rates being repo...
Sell home as Short Sale - Why? Are you struggling making your monthly mortgage payments? Do you feel that any emergency in your family will exhaust any savings that you've been using to pay your bills? Is your job not secure? Has your household's income been reduced? Have you lost your job? Are ...
Coral Springs Market Report for Single Family homes sold in July 2012 It has been another hot Summer and you've likely spent a lot of time in your flip flops enjoying family fun and summer vacations. Now might be the time for you to consider selling your home here in Coral Springs. If you are, g...
I'm traveling a Slow Boat to China and my will is waning. When you're a South Florida Short Sale Realtor, you can only exist with the attitude present of "When there's a will, there's a way" -  but really, really? Representing a Coral Springs Short Sale Seller you must believe that "when there's...
I want to sell my house....No, I NEED to sell my house! Many homeowners are wondering whether or not they can afford to sell their home? They're trying to think of a way to sell their home when they owe more than what it is worth plus how could they list it with a Real Estate Agent and afford th...
Because I said so! If I had a dollar for every time I heard that phrase growing up I'd be a wealthy woman. If only it would work in my Real Estate Business when I'm speaking with those who are selling a home here in Coral Springs and South Florida. When I say: Mr. or Ms. Seller, your home should...
Can you smell the Roses after a Foreclosure? Far too often, homeowners think that they prefer a Foreclosure over a Short Sale when they are faced with financial troubles at home. Unfortunately, a homeowners troubles do not go away after foreclosure as so many mistakenly assume; everything won't ...
Coral Springs Market Report for Single Family homes sold in June 2012 Take a seat, get comfortable and read below to find out more about what is happening in Coral Springs' home real estate market. If you're selling your home in Coral Springs, you'll find this very valuable. School's out and the...
The Short Sale Training Wheels are off so why are you still falling? So it's been 4-5 years of heavy South Florida Short Sale activity and that's a long time to be able to try and figure out a system for getting Short Sales through the levels of our Lenders don't you think? I've been one of thos...

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