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Real Estate Broker/Owner - Atlanta Homes ODAT Realty Call/Text 404-939-2727 Buckhead - Midtown - Westside -- and more ...
Atlanta Homes ODAT Realty BLOG for Atlanta Buckhead Midtown Westside Homes FIRST-TIME BUYERS are our specialty - ---- Get on the right track with us! a All info to help a person choose where to live in the WONDERFUL CITY OF ATLANTA. Lynn - 404.939.2727 -or PLUS - News about wonderful Intown Neighborhoods in Atlanta. BUY - SELL - LEASE.- important information for all types of Real Estate Transactions. At times, posts stray to Technology, Atlanta Events, Attractions, Colleges/Universities, Public Schools ---
Atlanta Buckhead Midtown - Gratitude Works - Appreciate Back Office - 2In Atlanta Buckhead Midtown and the Westside, Gratitude Works! In Real Estate, we are privileged to have support personnel. With privilege comes responsibility. Our responsibility to them includes appreciation. Each time I go ...
Atlanta Buckhead Midtown - Gratitude Works - Seeing What Has Value - 1 DST - fondly known as Daylight Saving Time (no "s" please!) - gave me an extra hour this this week. I am grateful for that extra time since it allowed me to finish a negotiation and spend the extra time learning! Any time I ca...
Atlanta Buckhead Midtown  Nov 20th Democratic Debate Format Revealed Oprah Winfrey Sound Stage will be the site of the next Democratic Debate.When informed of the site for the debate, Atlanta Mayor Kiesha Lance Bottoms made the following statement: "Thank you for choosing Atlanta. The fact that t...
Atlanta Buckhead Midtown Trump Visit 11/8 toDisrupt Friday TrafficNormal traffic headed into and out of Downtown Connector. Kennesaw Mountain Marietta visible. Expect Trump Visit 11/8 to Disrupt Friday Traffic According to WXIA ----here's everything you need to know about how Trump's ...
Atlanta Buckhead Midtown Sleep Another Hour! Nov 3rd Fall Back Time  Sunday night, November 3rd -- Set Clocks Back!!!!Sleep Another Hour!!!!!Yes, it is that time already - Fall has arrived and it is time to change the clocks!  History tells us that New Zealand scientist George Vernon Hudson and B...
Atlanta Buckhead Midtown - National Prescription Drug TakeBack 10/26/19In Atlanta Buckhead Midtown Westside and all the surrounding counties, Saturday, October 26, 2019 is National Prescription Drug TakeBack Day.  Across the U.S. - 10AM to 2PM - Collection Centers are OPEN. #deatakeback          ...
Atlanta Buckhead Midtown- WAIT - Johns Creek? Yes - Listing TodayWhat if the most complimentary event occurs? That is, a Client bought a home now calls you to sell it! EDIT: 36 DOM / Full Price Cash Offer / No Seller Contribution to Closing / $500 Home Warranty / $500 towards repairs! Done!The Ri...
Dear Readers -   RE-BLOG DATE -- October 11, 2019Lottie Kendall from San Francisco, CA often encourages us to become open to our better selves. She works with Rachael Kendall and Teena Thibeault to take excellent care of their Clients. With this post, she explains how California is working to bec...
 Atlanta Buckhead Midtown Westside - Eating Out - Popular for Everyone   Getting ready for the up-coming Fall Flower Planting! Seemed the Bees were out to Lunch as well. Too many obligations today yet posting a'waited.Now to bed. More soon!!!
Atlanta Buckhead Midtown Westside - Berkeley Park - Small Town In City  Wonderful afternoon with a new Client and opportunities to see the up-dated homes in Berkeley Park. Not burdened with McMansions that overpower the existing homes, the streets in Berkeley Park gives everyone a chance to enjoy...

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