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Just curious...Do most agents do Open House? I was just convinced that Open house is more important than ever to do it in The Inland Empire which is located in Southern california. Yes the Inland Empire has the 6th highest rate of foreclosures in the country but we also have lots of buyers out th...
If you believe in helping someone with directions when there lost or to offer help to someone who needs help of any sort. That is what we do.  Grant it we are serving that person for a month or two or three but we do We serve and then we actually are rewarded for helping them.
I've witness some things that I don't want to see. Are agents acting so deperate they feel that everyone is out to steal there clients? I started in this business in 2006 which was the beginning of the big decline in California where we had to be trained and were making very little. The company I...
I was in contact with some teachers and an economics teacher resented my comment that "It is a great time to buy for first time buyers". He said this is not a great time to buy since we are heading into a depression. After several emails the point I made that is undeniable is that in many parts o...
Hi, I just want to tell you I appreciate your thoughts and words and your most recent blog entry.As a Realtor in Southern California in Corona, Ca specifically , we are constantly hereing the bad news and that it is a decling market but that's not completely true. we do have a ton of buyers out h...
We've recently starting using a token in my Board of Realtors in The Inland Empire  to log into the MLS. Is this state wide  or Country wide does anybody know? The purpose of this is to deter agents from allowing there clients to search on the mls them self.  I don't know if agents realize they a...
Do many buyers & sellers blame you for the housing situation? I have had many buyers tell me it was greedy lenders and Realtors. I've seen a blog out there talking about how we can be a blessing if we view our selves as servants. We are also allies. We can benfit each other. Let's not always thin...
So is facebook meant to be an adult version of my space? A young relative of mine actually met up with an old classmate on Facebook and is now dating him. It could be the next Eharmony meets myspace. Has it been beneficial of a referral network for anyone out there?
Is facebook just a way to be  nosy or a true way to stay in touch and  build a network. Or is Plaxo or linked in a value place to invest some time. I  am trying to exhaust them all. So far I have found AR to be the most useful place to put my time as far as connecting with other agents. I love re...
Anyone have any good suggestions on where to go for vacation? I have a 14 yr old and an 8 yr old. We'd like to do a road trip. Hey.has anyone gone to Mt Rushmore? Is there much to do ? We want to go on a fabulous roadtrip like our previous year was to Telluride Colorado. What scenery.

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