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I took some buyers out the other day to view homes in an expensive neighborhood. They told me they had a pre approval letter. When I asked them for it they said they didn't have it on them. Fine I thought. Now they want to see homes again but they do not have any pre qual letter. Buyers.. please ...
I met some of the nicest people at my Open House this weekend. It really would be a nice idea to have a monthly Open House to meet with buyers in a relaxed setting but not rushed. Just a day to ask casual questions to buyers about what makes a great agent. What is most important to them as well a...
I've had first time buyers waiting from 2006 when the market began to have drastic price reductions and decided to finally purchase a home because there were down payment assistance programs and rates were in the 6% range. Now there are NO down payment assistance programs around for over 4 months...
Eastvale is a new suburb in Riverside County,CA that is about 9 years old. Eastvale,CA has grown large enough  to become it's own city . It was at one time all dairly land and some agriculture like alfalfa crops. The Eastvale Incorporation committee is saying that it may happen as early as next y...
The other day my daughter had to sit in a t recess due to not finisihing her daily reading log. I was so dissapointed with her. She understood my discontent. I later had to step back that day and thought....was I perfect kid? Did I ever steal a piece of candy from the store? I wasn't perfect........
I heard this marvelous  Radio talk show host who spoke about in this life keep in mind  that in this life it isn't about what we've attained materially or who we know. Lef is about to who we have given. Given our time our compassion, a loving ear to here a person woes or sorrows. That is ...
I Have buyers who were gung ho. Approved and ready to go and all of a sudden ........Obama has his speach. A few of my clients have lost some faith and trust in the govt. They here of all the bank owned properties to be bought and they think there will be a significant drop in pricing. Parts of s...
I attended a funeral service of a colleague. It was her mother. The message that was shared by the minister made a world of sense. He said it doesn't matter what you gained in this life or who you knew but what was most important was what you gave. An ear to show compassion,  offering A shoulder ...
We're told so many times to only engage in activities that will be profitable immediately. I find it extremely gratifying to take the time to help someone who needs comps to lower there taxes or to help a buyer with something specific like understanding the area that they would like to buy in. Tr...
I'm finding it more and more important to show that I am a Realtor who genuinely wants to help a buyer and not feel I am rushing them along. Nothing makes me happier then when I can find my buyers a house that makes them very happy. ahhhhhhhhhhhh.  The true feeling of Success!

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