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I recently received an email from a buyer who said they found me online and were interviewing buyers agents. They had a list of about 25 questions ranging from How many years have I been in business to how quickly do I respond to emails. I filled out and answered all questions. They client came i...
I always like to explain clients we have a wish list and we don't always get all th items on our wish list. That's why it is called a wish list. If we get 4 out of the 5 we are doing great. If we get the offer accepted , your buyers should be grateful. If not than there are unrealistic expectatio...
It happens all the time. Agents send there clients with printouts of properties to view on there own. Don't Agents know they are doing the WHOLE business of Real estate agents a disservice?  It shows that we are not important. We need to accompany every client and can't play LAZY Agent. It happen...
I have a client now who is in my sphere of influence who expressed to me they were previously working with a Real Estate Agent/Lender. They shared with me that this person never showed them homes because he did not have a supra key and obviously did not belong to a local board.......How could thi...
I think everybody wants to feel appreciated especially hard working Realtors who put there time and energy in what they do. Buyers..... Please show us the love and respect we deserve. Don't get discouraged after writing a few offers and not getting an offer accepted think it is the Agents fault f...
Hi Activerain Community, OK. I'm going to express a disappointing day that I had recently. I have been working with a client for over several months. We submitted a few offers one of which they called there dream home. It turns out that the house was not going to be able to be short sale after al...
Hi To all buyers out there especially where I am in California . Let's hold on and know buying a home right now is not for the faint of heart. It takes many offers sometimes to finally get one accepted especially if we are an FHA buyer and asking for all or some closing costs. If you need a buyer...
Wow... It really is crazy these days with keeping buyers happy. There is so much activity in Southern California it is crazy. With one home there are usually 4,5,12, but 50! Yes over 50 offers. the agent was getting depressed with this listing that she was frazzled. Yes buyers just want you to ke...
It's time to take a break when you don't have time to have breakfast or lunch. It's time to take a break when you forget your kids have a game of some sort. It's time to take a break when you are so tired you find yourself being a little grouchy with your clients.Yes.. It's time to take a break.
I can't tell you how many times I have client buyers ask is this a good time to buy? In some areas of Corona & Riverside Ca. there are mega multiple offers. On a few house I've come actross in wanting to put in an offer there were over 23 offers. Yes........In some areas it is completely bottomed...

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