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Build personal relationships, educate everyone who will listen about this new industry, staging. Stage it, write it, blog it , photograph it, tell it, eat, drink and breathe the glamour, fun and passion, and did I mention the shopping for beautiful staging inventory?
Had a phone call a few weeks ago from a man who had a spec house for sale in our local market and I had been referred to him by his builder with whom I had made contact a few months ago.  The spec house is vacant and had been on the market for about a year already.  After a few calls, back and fo...
This is the logo I designed for my new products, T & Totes, bumper stickers and for sweatshirts for the winter.  I am committed to work and do my part to keep this beautiful place green and natural.  Last year I did the photo note cards with wildflowers and wild critters and this year I am doing ...
I have been asked to do a MeMe and here won't  believe it but here it is anyway. I was born on a hard scrabble, self-sufficient farm in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mts. of Virginia in Nelson County. My farm boy  father was a WWII GI and my mother was a German war bride who barely...
ByCarol R. Ellis  Luxury Domain to Home Stage  Home Staging on the East Coast is a relatively new concept in the real estate marketing arena.  It is not new to the West Coast where there is so much real estate on the market that differentiation is absolutely necessary to make a home desirable to ...
1.  You have newspapers/magazines with ads from decorator stores  stacked up by your chair till it is a bonafide fire hazard.2.  You are pulled into yard sales and au ctions against your mortal will.3.  You are in a doctor's waiting room and there are artificial plants that need dusting or rearra...
Last week I received the Better Business Bureau designation.  I have managed to survive for 2 years now, with less than 1 year in staging.  It can be done if you just keep going no matter what.  Hurdles?  I have had quite a few, but consider them opportunities and here I am!
In my last blog about teaching/informing/instructing Realtors about staging I had a comment at the end which I was not sure I should have put in the presentation but I just had to put it in and emphasize at the end .  Part of the presentation involved the teamwork necessary between the Realtor, t...
After having some time off, I began teaching about staging again last week.  Our local Realtor's Association had a trade show  including  for-credit classes for agents ,and I was fortunate enough to be approved by the Virginia Association of Realtors as a qualified instructor.  I had my power poi...
After my bout with pneumonia in May and June, the stagnent real estate market and the hot, dry days in Virginia I just took the summer off and gave up on physical staging.  I used the time to update my website, schedule staging classes for the fall, having my attorney update and refine my contrac...
There seems to be some confusion on the part of the public, as well as Realtors, regarding what is decorating and what is home staging.  When the subject of home staging is approached a frequent comment is "Oh, thats decorating a house to sell it."  Well, yes and no.  Home staging is preparing a ...

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