A brand new manufacutred home on a permenent foundation with a 2 car attached garage, 3 bedrooms 3.5 baths (each bedroom has its own bathroom with a shower - master has shower and tub) Large living area open kitchen. There is a brand new extra large engineered septic system (will handle more that...
For most people finding the home is the main goal. There are several others things that are just as important as the home but are overlooked and most people either get lucky or never get to the goal of finding their dream home and get stuck with a home they really dont like or even worse dont fin...
 I keep hearing the new buzz word (ok not that new) Blogs. Is this the newest magic pll for Realtors? I have written a few blogs but nothing consistant and I was wondering if there is a real value to blogging or is it just a way for postaholics to have an outlet? I have many thoughts to blog but ...

Laurine Seabock

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