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There are more than a few houses available on the market thanks to the great number of foreclosures that have nearly caused a housing saturation. Anyone who is aiming to buy a house has their pick and can name any reasonable price to make a purchase. Because it is a buyer's market, using video pr...
Video marketing popularity is growing rapidly in the real estate field. This is largely because of the fact that the competition isn't so fierce. In other words, you are getting an incredible advantage that many real estate professionals still have not realized exists. In conjunction, the increas...
I can't believe three years have passed since I first began introducing Real Estate professionals to Web 2.0 social media marketing. What first began as marketing on just social networks like Myspace, YouTube, and Facebook, has expanded to encompass the vast, new and rapidly growing online media ...
Hmm, what are your thoughts? I can't say that I know one single real-estate professional that's created a cash machine business by sending postcards, advertising in the yellow-pages or newspaper, do you? I truly believe that the real estate profession has just become used to throwing money away o...
Every time I see the average real estate professional (realtor, investor, mortgage broker, etc...) using the same dinosaur marketing techniques that their former consultants beat into them, I wonder if they enjoy wasting money and getting crappy results. It's undeniable that this economic recessi...
Alright, some of you are probably wondering, "What the heck is viral marketing?" Let me clear something up fast. "Viral marketing" is in no way related to a computer virus. On the contrary, this term is referring to a marketing plan which propagates like a virus. Simply put, from one person to th...


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