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New Jersey home inspectors should be familiar with basement water control systems and what makes for a well-designed system. By installing a drainage system on the interior of the perimeter of the basement along the walls, you can capture and direct water at the most vulnerable entry point which ...
New Jersey home inspectors should have an understanding of footing drains and why they fail. Footing drains are a primary cause of basement water infiltration problems in homes. When a home is constructed, there are two things that help keep water out of the basement. A coating on the exterior of...
New Jersey home inspectors should understand the importance of the stack effect in winter months in homes that they are inspecting in NJ. As warm air rises in a house it exists or leaks out of the upper floors and especially the attic. New air must enter to replace the upper air loses. In the ave...
New Jersey home inspectors should understand the importance of building permits and educate their clients about when permits are needed and how to check for open and closed building permits in homes they are purchasing. Building permits are official Municiple documents that are required to legall...

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