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The typical lifespan of a natural draft water heater is about 10 years. There are factors that should be considered that pertain to its lifespan that can provide the New Jersey home inspector and also the buyer with information about potential expenses that would be needed when replacing the wate...
Home inspectors in New Jersey are required to evaluate and inspect insulation in the attic. We are not required to describe the insulation or determine its depth however this is a and added benefit to our New Jersey home inspection clients if we could determine if the insulation is sufficient eno...
New Jersey home inspectors inspect heating and other appliances that operates on both propane and natural gas. Home inspectors in NJ should understand the similarities and the differences of both fuels so they can provide useful information to their clients.Natural gas is a fossil fuel that comes...
New Jersey home inspectors should be aware of creosote and why it is a safety hazard in homes. Creosote is the result of combustion that is not complete. As wood is burned the smoke leaves the fireplace and it condenses inside the chimney or the vent pipes.  Particles of non-burned compounds are ...
New Jersey home inspectors should be familiar with mold in carpeting. Carpeting is a material that can be very vulnerable to mold growth. In order to establish itself and grow mold requires moisture, oxygen and some type of food source. Mold spores are found in the air naturally. If the floating...
Inspectors who perform NJ Home Inspections should understand the harmful effects of carbon monoxide in homes. Carbon monoxide buildup can be a direct result of a back drafting fuel burning appliance. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless toxic gas that forms from incomplete combustion of fuels...
New Jersey home inspectors should understand what back drafting is and how it can create a significant hazard in homes. What is back drafting? Back drafting is the reverse flow of toxic gas in fossil fuel operated equipment. Most of the fossil fuel operated equipment such as boilers, furnaces and...
New Jersey home inspectors should be familiar with Pex water supply pipes. Home inspectors will come across Pex water supply pipes while performing home inspections. Pex piping is often found in newer homes and recently renovated homes. Home inspectors in NJ should understand the basic difference...
New Jersey home inspectors should evaluate attic ventilation when performing home inspections in NJ and explain its importance to their home inspection clients.  Adequate attic ventilation is essential for the health and longevity of homes. Attic ventilation helps to regulate the temperature and ...

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