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Let's talk about great marketing ideas...things that worked for you. Maybe you have a relationship building technique, or a special program on your website or an email deployment strategy. Share them with us.
    I've been doing some interesting programs that you might want to try. I've been sending them out weekly as my Tip of the Week. Maybe they can help you bring in more business, convert more to sales...and try some new things in social media. If you're interested, just send me your email address...
     They bought the house, and you cashed your commission check. "Bye, Bye”?     Not of you have a DM brain. All successful businesses – even real estate agencies – are based on long term relationships. People know people, meet new people and can refer you. They can even become friends. Here’s ...
Samuel Hough House has stood in the heart of the beautiful National Historic Landmark village of Waterford, Virginia, since 1819.  Constructed of locally-fired brick set in Flemish bond, this handsome Federal style house was built for a prosperous Quaker miller and his new bride by master local ...
There have been so many wonderful occasions there, including their wedding in the long sprawling lawn, that led the guest to the pool area. This house is like my dream home, and I guess it will be sold to a family who will enjoy all the charm of great workmanship. My grandfather was a builder in ...
My Dad was always cutting coupons for Walgreens and Publix and spent hours shopping the different supermarkets to get "the best deals". It drove my Mom and I crazy, knowing full well that we spent more money on gas than the paltry amount we saved in Campbell's soup, or flour, or Coke. He did teac...
    About a month ago, I started wondering what would make an interesting Happy Holidays card to send clients and friends. We've come up with some pretty funny cards in previous years but this year's not looking all that funny - so I was stumped. Then I remembered Donald, the artist. I called and...
  These all work! How do we know? We've tested them many times and every one of these ideas will help you boost response. So take a look at your pieces and try an extreme makeover, and let me know how it pulls for response. 1. Know who you are! A unique brand personality makes you stand...
A while back,  a college friend came up from Atlanta, husband and daughter in tow, for their annual trip to New York. We went to an off-Broadway musical called Hank Williams: Lost Highway. Hank was a small town Alabama boy who became a great country singer in the late forties and early fifties. ...
photo credit: Azhure Blog along with me, the best is yet to be! My cousin, a real estate agent has been complaining non-stop that she has had only one sale in the last six months. Well, what have you tried to stimulate business, I asked? She replied that they had done some mailers that didn't re...
Days fly by for me, in a frenzy of activities....from direct marketing for our clients, my social media network, my real network of friends, my new books (I'm writing), my columns and all the mundane things I do, like paying bills, returning calls, and handling the challenges of board membership....

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