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Maryland SEO and Social Media Optimization Expert teaches real estate agents how to rank near the top of Google Local Search Results
We sell homes or we get paid one when someone buys a home, if you're an agent and you blog, you're likely wanting to have your current listing "show up in Google". You wouldn't be here if you weren't aware that blogging is hands down, the best way to "show up in Google", but do you know HOW to ge...
I see lots of bloggers on ActiveRain leaving money on the table, you're posting to blogs, your prospective home buyers are reading, you're showing up in Google and you're not getting the most out of your efforts. AR preaches that we be "Hyper Local" in with the content on our blog posts. What the...
Article from by KieshaEasley from Have you ever grown tired of seeing a flood of @mentions...@mentions "Thanks for the RT!" on Twitter? I have to say, it's not the most interesting thing to read. Even though it's a nice gesture, it doesn't always convey the weight of what a r...
I know most of you are not aware that there is anything wrong with Link Spam. This post is non judgmental. The reason you aren't aware of Link Spam is because, like me, you were only interested in Getting Your Message Out... you used social media the way most newspapers are using it: as a one way...
Google personalized search shows you what IT THINKS YOU WANT TO SEE, or you may not rank near as high as you think you do... How to see what everyone else sees, a HOW TO from CWP Tech Solutions So you think you rank in Google? You sure about that? Google personalized search shows you what it thin...
Local Google Ranking and Social Media Marketing Expert offering $500 off services rendered for any one who donates $50 to A Mission of Mercy mobile free health care clinic via Facebook Causes.   David Bruce Jr. $500 OFF for every $50 donation to free health clinic A Mission of Mercy via Facebook ...
David Bruce Jr is a social media optimization/ SEO consultant, our team has many real estate professionals as social media consulting / SEO clients. We're finding out more than a few of you in the AR real estate marketing community want to learn how to SEO your listings and your real estate blogs...
This post is gonna be short and to the point: I've got a pet peeve with many of you ActiveRainers I do SEO/ Social Media Optimization for small businesses, doctors, lawyers and I specialize in real estate professionals. Almost all of you guys named your ActiveRain blogs with YOUR NAME! Keywords a...
It's simply not enough to have your company "be" on social media/ social networking sites or "have" social networking profiles. What is your "purpose" for being there? What is it you're trying to achieve from your social media marketing? Branding?Advertising?Google Ranking Improved?...gotcha ther...
Everybody wants to rank #1 in Google, who wouldn't? That means you WANT something FROM Google... did you hang your shingle out? There are tens of thousands of blogs, most of them are not for commercial use by professional bloggers. If you were Googlebot, how would you know "this one is important"...

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Maryland Local SEO and Social Media Optimization Expert teaches real estate agents how to rank near the top of Google Local Search Results.

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