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Maryland SEO and Social Media Optimization Expert teaches real estate agents how to rank near the top of Google Local Search Results
Some of you AR Bloggers are a bit fuzzy on exactly how to incorporate "hyper local" posts in your Real Estate SEO strategy. That is completely understandable: On one level this seems almost counter-intuitive, your probably thinking: " You're in business to sell houses... how does writing a blog ...
I'm often asked why it costs so much for a webmaster to pay an SEO professional to improve a company website's rank in Google. The often steep fees charged by competent SEO consultants can price some small businesses out of the market. The ROI or return on investment from increased sales or leads...
If you’re planning any remodeling or renovation project that might involve digging of any kind one thing you or your general contractor will need to do before commencing on your project would be to phone the Call Before You Dig Office in your state as power, water, gas and other types of lines ar...
Every Real Estate Website has to compete against larger industry juggernaut real estate portals with vastly more Google Juice than a smaller small business website can muster (on it's own) The only way a lower page rank company website can stand a chance of competing against larger, more powerful...
Every ActiveRain Blog Needs a Supporting Blog Everybody wants to be #1 in Google, categorically/ universally... everybody wants the same thing. The brass ring of advertising (and the point of entry for marketing) is to rank #1 in Google If you WANT something FROM Google, use Google's ...
  A Real Estate Agent is a friend of a family the way a pediatric dentist is a friend of a family. We subcontract local SEO services to web desingers, one web designer had a pediatric dentist that they wanted us to rank in Google Local Search Results. Below is one of my email responses to the web...
This post from Mike Jaquish makes so much sense I thought I'd republish it on my blog. His suggestion rings true with much of the local SEO philosophy we implement in that some of your posts are targeting Googlebot only, then AFTER you've estabilished some geographical Google trust, you target hu...
Attention All Hood College Students Seeking Internships. Local IT services company is actively seeking journalist students from Hood College, Frederick Community College and Montgomery College for copywriting internships. Marketing Students, Advertising Students, Journalist Students needed to lea...
Personal Facebook Profiles are NOT the same as a Facebook Business Page! For one thing, it's Facebook's rules specifically state personal profiles are NOT intended to be used for business purposes... What really makes the difference is "under the hood" of a Company Facebook Page: You HAVE to have...
RSS= really simple syndication, Why Bloggers (including ActiveRain bloggers) need to learn how to use this marketing weapon on steroids.   For many AR bloggers ranking in Google locally (Local SEO for small business) appears so difficult a lot of you just give up. If you Google "real estate in (y...

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Maryland Local SEO and Social Media Optimization Expert teaches real estate agents how to rank near the top of Google Local Search Results.

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