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Talk about paying it forward Today I ran into a former neighbor of mine.  He's a friendly fella, has to be well into his 70's if not 80; I'll call him John.  I remember when John retired - it was a big deal for him - what was he going to do with all his time?  Work had always kept him so busy.  W...
This post by Richard L. Sanderson is worth a re-post.  I've been using his tip for a couple days now and it's really saved me time. Thank you Richard! How to Improve Search Results Using Advanced Google Searches I love ActiveRain but the site has inadequate search capacity.  When I use the standa...
What Happens at the end of a Reverse Mortgage? Question: You explained that a Reverse Mortgage is a loan on the equity of my home, and it becomes due when I move from my home or pass away.  How does that work in the end, what happens at the end of a Reverse Mortgage?  What if there is not enough ...
Little knows facts about the 2011 BCS Bowl   -Never before have two teams started the season outside the AP Top 10 list and played for the BCS Title -First BCS Bowl for both Auburn & Oregon -Prior to the 2011 BCS Bowl: the Tigers averaged 43 points per game this season; the Ducks averaged 49 poin...
A couple shouts out to Kathleen for BRAVERY on this video blog! She set me straight on the concept that everything does not need to be 'perfect' to have a great video blog. In fact just the opposite. Watching her video was so much more 'connecting' than it is when reading a standard blog. Somethi...
ActiveRain Takes Me To The Top I wrote a blog on ActiveRain yesterday showing my excitement about the Ducks being in the BCS Bowl.  I was curious how it would show up on google, so I searched it.  Within 20 minutes of posting, my blog showed as #2 in the google search! I was shocked.  I’ve heard ...
Auburn vs. Ducks at 2011 BCS Bowl Yes, I realize that by living in Eugene my view may be a little skewed towards the Ducks.  However, in less than 24 hours, without a doubt, the Ducks will rule Auburn in the 2011 BCS Bowl. The Ducks team has an incredible line-up (with future NFL players I’m sure...
While stocking up on my favorite groceries today at Trader Joe’s I was reminded of a fact worth sharing about the store and the Trader Joe’s ‘brand.’  Anyone with food sensitivities knows when they’ve had a healthy dose of Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), simply by how it makes them feel after eating ...
Annual 'Dress For Success' Ritual For a couple years now, during one of my daughters' visits from Portland, Oregon, she takes back one or two of my suits with her.  She's not taking them for herself; she's taking them for donation to an organization called 'Dress For Success.'  (Although they hav...
A trip outside the border, barking dogs and maybe a little too much wine I just had the best New Year’s Eve celebration I’ve had in a long time!  My husband and I are both loan officers and have found it difficult to take two weeks off since we combined our businesses, which was roughly 9 years a...

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