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As of 2016, Susan is no longer practicing in the USA and retains this blog as a service. Clients may call or email for a professional realtor or lender referral in Whatcom and San Juans counties
Today was a great day in America! As predicted, lenders of conventional mortgages raised rates from .25 to .5% since last week with our new found enthusiasm. Expect a 60 day wait and see honeymoon period with the new Obama administration. According to watchers of global markets, we still have who...
    susan templetonmortgage planner I just lost a client to a broker who promised 4.5% BUT they couldn't lock until underwriting approved their application (including appraisal) in 15 days. The client fell for it. OH WELL! So what's an honest 'I can lock your rate on that price today if you comm...
    susan templetonmortgage planner It's really important to get a current review of your buyer's borrowing power before taking them out for a spin. 2009 guidelines are even tighter than we experienced in late 2008 so that September '08 letter is worthless.  Buyers can be a bit like teenagers wi...
GIVING OF ONESELF: I realized I could actually MAKE my own Christmas presents this year -- so while I'm sorry some retailers may miss out on my dollars -- I am not sorry that the gifts I give will have that homey touch of a person who cares enough about them to dedicate my time to create somethin...
Rates Fell to Earth Today! If EVER you wanted to buy or refinance a home today the time has come! The mixed financial news hitting Wall Street has resulted in amazingly low rates and lenders eager to fund! A flight to Bonds has this effect. Today we are quoting Conventional 30 year fixed terms fr...
Does your bank offer you a copy of your credit report when you apply for a loan? Most don't! So what if they deny your application based on information in your report? Sure you can write for a copy and find out later. By contrast, let's say you come to my office for prequalfication. I pull your r...
When is it good to quote a Rate? Without fail, "What is today's rate?" is the first thing we are asked on a daily basis. Naturally mortgage professionals don't want to disappoint folks, so rates are usually the last thing we can offer. Your interest rate really depends on what you want to accompl...
December 1 Front Page Article from local Bellingham Herald. This true story demonstrates how a young couple did not fall for the 'qualifying loan' they were offered that felt way beyond their means. Instead they used their own budget and reason!
Talk about egg on my face! Last week, I misread a news release from FHA and the OFHEO which arrived in my in-box the same day. Being the news hound that I am --I contacted several other Brokers and Loan Officers who all agreed this was stunning news. The implications of lowered loan limits in our...
You heard it here:The latest Good Faith Estimate is 3 pages. And I'm not talking the new GFE Summary, in addition the the GFE itself, plus the multiple GFE Providers pages. No I am talking a new BOOK folks. The new GFE will explain each term on each line item on the form itself. I.e., what is Esc...

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