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As of 2016, Susan is no longer practicing in the USA and retains this blog as a service. Clients may call or email for a professional realtor or lender referral in Whatcom and San Juans counties
In the wake of Taylor Bean Whitaker being disowned by HUD and shut down on August 4th, (they were the 3rd largest FHA lender in the nation prior to their closing) we are getting the inevitable announcements from other Government lenders about new restrictions. Today several major FHA/VA lenders a...
Home Ec Class was for sissies: learning to balance a home budget and bake from scratch was beneath me. After all, I was going to college for goodness sakes! Many of these 'vocational' courses including shop class (which I was not allowed to take as a girl) were chopped in favor of academics.   So...
It had to happen: My first HVCC appraisal debacle was via one of my best A paper banks.  FIRST: The borrower gets to pay a higher cost (over $500) with with a credit card online to the bank. Since can't actually lock confidentially without an appraisal (unknown timing) we place the order, pay the...
Making Home Affordable 105% Loans were introduced just this spring and the program has simply not been meeting the public need. Will 125% be the magic bullet?Homeowners seeking to refinance their Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac Mortgages quickly found that the new 105% loans were helping a minority of ...
The SBA 504 Program Has Been Revamped to Allow Refinancing Business DEBT! The U.S. Small Business Administration has agreed to allow the 504 loan program (normally to buy real estate for an owner operated business) to allow those businesses to refinance existing business loans used to purchase re...
Have you been getting as much spam lately as I have?  SHEESH. I get at least 40 spam emails a day now. However, not to point the finger too stridently: I must admit my own part in e-spamming! Recently, I decided to email the women in my network an invitation to a party and one registered my email...
More Hype Down the Pike: There are more rumors than you can shake a stick at about the proposed HUD 2nd mortgage tax credit loan necassary to achieve the much touted $8000 tax credit as 'just in time' cash to close. The problem lies between two government agencies: HUD and the IRS and their many ...
Making Home Affordable and Stimulus Refi Programs are now the hot buzz words in mortgage land. But exactly what are they and who qualifies for help? Folks in financial distress need to know they have options. But how do you find out what those options are? Most banks and mortgage lenders are just...
Nosediving starts to feel normal after a while. So a two day hike up in the stock market is met with waxing lyrical soothsayers promising the worst is behind us. Who among us believes this bunk? Reality check: The FDIC released a report today that admits 305 banks are on their watch list
WHAT--You haven't heard of biznik? It was started by a Dan McComb and his team of technogeeks in Seattle, WA and it's really taken off. It's all about meeting up in real life by using online network tools. This social networking site is really ripe for creative community builders like Active Rain...

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