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I have just been reading a number of blogs regarding the real estate market...boy do I know how they feel...yes it is slow and yes prices have changed considerably...things are changing..anyone out there feeling more than optimistic?  Would love hear from you..I am getting tired or reading about ...
I I just wanted to take a minute of your time to invite you and your clients to an Open House being held Saturday 1-4 and Sunday 10-2, August 16th & 17th, at 454 Craigville Beach Road in Centerville.  This is a wonderful 5 bedroom 2 full baths home situated on an acre of land just up from Craigvi...
You were all so great about responding to my joy about my husbands cancer shrinking.  I have a quick thought to explore....My husband keeps telling me that he still does not feel that he is getting better I was so surprized that he did not see this as a possible success for him,  did any of you h...
My staging of a clients home was well received by all.  However, I am always curious as to whether this actually will bring me a buyer on the property.  I have since been told by some clients who did purchase properties that they really did not care what the property looked like because they knew...
Whatever happened to babyboomers and yuppies?  It is not a description that we hear about as often as we did in the eighties.  Are there still anyone out there who can give a really accurate description of the meaning of who they are and what they represent to us in this day and age?  Why were th...
When a bank takes over a property by foreclosure they seem to be able to do just about whatever they want to.  As a Buyer or Realtor  in the transaction of trying to purchase the home the comptetion can be fierce.  Whoever the Realtor in the transaction representing the bank is often waits and se...
Today was a great day for my husband .. his tumor has been shrinking.  Even our doctor was surprised. From what we were told the cancer is still there, but it is in check for now.  We  never realized that something shrinking would bring such joy!  I guess the simple things in life are truly the m...
I keep seeing all these crpytoquote letters at the end of the replies to questions.  What is this all about?  Am I to solve the puzzel or what..All I can say is that I am not very good at solving puzzels.  Someone please tell me about tags.  I realize that I have a million questions.  I think I w...
I just finished staging a home on my own.  It was fun and exhausting all at the same time.  My clients were great, but had very little resources.  I did a search of my basement and pile of stuff that I was saving for my own garage sale.  The property ended up showing beautifully compared to what ...
I don't believe that clients are that interested in seeing too many fliers etc. pushed at them during parades unless they are reflecting what holiday or parade is going on.  Most people are more interested in the parade than anything else and seem to become irritated especially if they are trying...

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