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In the world of home staging, or real estate staging, the timeless adage, "It's what's on the inside that counts," does not apply. If a seller wants to coax potential buyers inside a house it had better look clean, fresh and inviting on the outside first. Of course the inside must be clean, fresh...
Beautiful yet unsellable? As a home staging professional I have seen countless homes that are beautifully, often professionally decorated, but are unsellable. "How is that possible," a seller may ask, " I hired the best decorator in town, these fabrics are imported." Or you might hear, " These ar...
  This is an article by Tessa Skeens of Hampton Redesign. It reaffirms the value of staging a home for sale. Staged homes also sell more quickly than their unstaged competition. Have seen it's results here in Fresno.   If you haven't seen the new 2011 Home Gain survey here are the results:   Out ...
The word seems to be spreading regarding the merits of home staging. Sellers and real estate agents are getting the idea, but not the picture. At least not the picture a potential buyer needs. The term  "shows well" is often used to describe a home that has been decluttered and are clean, but are...
This post was originally written in Sept. It is by one of Fresno's hard working REA s. I had no idea about this problem and am so glad that Shawn is making people aware of it.We had a VERY interesting Sales meeting a couple days ago.  After all the usual business, we had several guest speakers fr...
  A year on the market while vacant. Sold in four days after being staged.Here is another testament to the value of staging a vacant property!   Four days.It was listed the day after Thanksgiving and had a contract 4 days later! Previously it had been on the market - empty - for over a year. Hamp...
Did you know that professional home stagers can also be weight loss experts? Selling By Design-Staging has developed a plan to take the weight off your mind and shoulders that leads many into the winter blahs, a condition characterized by feeling trapped in a house that looks and feels more like ...
  Douldn't have said it better myself. So I didn't. This excellent post thoroughly explains the need for updating a home BEFORE goes on the market.   Whether it's wall color, floor color, counter-tops, or bathtubs... bold colors, or even muted colors that are out of the ordinary are in need of an...
  This post by a Los Angeles home stager is TRUE!  There are many, many homes in the Central Valley sitting on the market because the sellers think that "buyers will want to chose" their own paint, carpet etc. Buyers don't want to be stressed out by added work. Moving is hard enough. So please re...
I ran out of time yesterday when writing my blog on Internet photos and did not post any pics. So I am adding them to the original post today.

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