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I stood waving my hands in front of the paper towel dispenser like some feeble magician trying to conjure paper towels, when the thought occurred to me: I frankly can't remember the last time I heard someone complain about the rigors of pulling a paper towel from its dispenser. Electric paper tow...
by Laurie MacNaughton, as Published in Loudoun Times Mirror © 9/21/13 It goes by many names: “bridge job,” “encore career,” “recareering,” or simply “delayed retirement.” But no matter what it’s called, the fact remains – as life expectancy edges ever higher, many of us can expect to live another...
My background is teaching. Teaching chemisty. Not sales - definately not sales. Perhaps this explains why I freak when someone describes reverse mortgage lending in terms of a “sales position.” A reverse mortgage is either a fit or it’s not. It’s part of a long-term solution to financial challeng...
Are you a realtor whose target market includes seniors? Do you have your SRES certification? If so, your clients will LOVE you for telling them about the FHA Reverse for Purchase home loan. How does the FHA-insured Reverse for Purchase work? The concept of Reverse for Purchase could not be more s...
It wasn’t the first time I have been asked this question, so it must have been the way she asked it: “I can’t find any homes for sale that aren’t huge, or on too much land, or are out of my price range. What the hell are these builders thinking?” Good question. As a mortgage banker who does a fai...
Laurie MacNaughton This weekend I spoke with two different couples considering using a Reverse for Purchase mortgage as they relocate to be near adult children. One wife said, “We’re moving because we don’t want to be absentee grandparents.” The “why” of their move is not surprising. The “where,”...
Laurie MacNaughton [NMLS #506562] June 19, 2013   This past week I read some very sad news: as of June 1, MetLife’s Mature Market Institute is no more. To those not familiar with the reference, Met’s MMI was arguably the premier source of data on trends in aging, and typically the first place man...
Last month’s National Nursing Home week is unlikely to ever to find itself prominent on calendars across America. Why do I say this? Primarily because the vast majority of Americans wa...
Every once in a while something so odd happens that you spend the next few days...or weeks, if it's odd enough, trying to process the event.   Several months ago I was in the middle of a complex HECM for Purchase transaction. It involved a knotty situation in which a builder had declared bankrupt...
If I were to recreate a day’s conversations only one or two would be noteworthy enough to recall in detail. That’s because most conversations are chit-chatty little dialogues of small consequence. It just happened that one of yesterday’s last conversations was also the most noteworthy. The backgr...

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