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Liz Spear Team RE/MAX Elite Warren County Ohio Residential home sales Serving the Cincinnati to Dayton area, both home sellers and home buyers. Niche specialty in lifestyle/patio homes in addition to general residential real estate.
Fischer Homes is one of the leading patio home builders for Greater Cincinnati, and as such they typically have patio homes either move in ready, or planned within the next 90 days.  A move in ready patio home is the quickest route to enjoying a new construction patio home.     Fischer Homes buil...
Priorities can change.  That's Life.  What's important today may be meaningless tomorrow, and thus it goes.When we first joined ActiveRain many moons ago, this was a far different community (don't worry, I'm not about to go old guy get offa my lawn!!! here...although AARP keeps mailing me reminde...
August was a much better than typical month for Mason Ohio completed sales.  Sales prices remained stable (and continue to be better than previous year to year comparisons).  New construction is still a significant portion of Mason homes sales and much of that is NOT accounted for in MLS stats si...
Not much is changing with the Mason Ohio condo market:  not enough condos for sale, and the ones that are sell FAST.    Stay with us for the whats, whys and hows of the Mason condo market!  And a bonus at the end, easy to use Search For Mason Ohio Condos For Sale links!  And if you want to know H...
August was slower than the normal August results when compared to past years for Lebanon Ohio homes sales.  It may just be a momentary pause and we'll be watching closely to see how September numbers report in.  Stay with us to get the full details on August's market results!  We offer links at t...
You hired a real estate agent to sell your home.You discussed what to expect.  The realistic selling price for your home, how long it should take.  The process for showings, an offer, negotiations, inspections and every step to the closing table.The agent discusses how to best present your home, ...
I tend to be a fairly private person.  You'd have to dig through my Facebook page pretty deeply to find more than flowers, pets, bees and some very basic bio type stuff on the left.  You won't even find my birthday as public information.I have routines that are part of my day.My cell phone is my ...
Just consider this a bonus Ask An Ambassador post for the week!I believe a key to success in real estate is understanding the source of your clients.There is absolutely NO shortage of things we can work on each day, so it's important to choose the things that are productive.And what's productive?...
If you listen to the pundits, supposedly our economy is heading for a fall.  Whether that's just wishful thinking driven by political agendas, or a realistic evaluation of the economic tea leaves, I don't really know nor particularly care.  It's beyond my control.  Economies go up and down, that'...
You may think a real estate agent is just being nosy when they ask "Are you preapproved?".But we ask because there's a mutual win-win involved in that question.It helps you AND it helps the agent to know that you've been through the preapproval process with a reputable loan officer.If you've take...

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