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Jerry Maquire walked in the room and their eyes locked.  He said, "Hello".  Their future was secured in that split second.  Even though he babbled on, none of his subsequent words even registered with the girl.  The famous film sequence is immortalized with the sentence, "You had me at ‘Hello".  ...
My house smells like flowers   It was summertime 1986.  My children were young at the time and we often had neighbor kids over for play dates.  One of the big attractions at our house was cooking together.  We made soups, cookies, shish ka bobs and home made bread.  It's an unusual play date scen...
If I asked you to write a check to me for $20,000 would you do it?  Probably not. What if I offered to write a check to you for $50,000 in exchange for your $20,000 check?  Would you do it?  Now, that's a great offer and it's similar to what's on the table for "move-up" buyers in our real estate ...
   There is a surreal slice of life for each of us when timing and opportunity meet.  You know the feeling; all of creation stands still - you can hear your own breath inside your body and you excite to the charge of adrenaline.  For some it's stepping out onto the front porch just as a sparkling...
  It’s an odd tendency in our society to revere those stoic folk who smile and nod through crisis, never giving a clue to the worry in their lives.  Although there are many times when a stiff upper lip is the most prudent public face; if you suspect that warding off a foreclosure sale of your hom...

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