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A Bellingham Washington Realtor Shares Ponderances, Deep Thoughts, Rants, Gabbing, Swell Articles, Photos and other Real Estate inspired info. ...Thanks for stopping by!
 Today is going to be a wonderful day, because I am having an experience that we all wait our whole careers to get to have!!!Today, I am showing homes to my VERY FIRST LISTING CLIENTS from 12 years ago!!!  How totally cool is that???I am sure that all of you hold a special place in your heart for...
I can't take all of the credit for my "credo" and outlook.  My grandfather, "Grandee" as we lovingly called him, was a simple but very wise man who led our family to understand the important things by living his life through example.My Grandfather taught me the simple fun of finding fossils in th...
BRAND, BRAND, BRAND!!!  So important!  Make it unique and make it meaningful.  Make it reflect YOU.  Not just "You" the Realtor, but "YOU"...down to your toes, what you believe in...YOU.  And then put it EVERYWHERE.  Promote it.  Stand behind it.  Believe in it, because it is YOU!The Live good. B...
 Unfortunately, when I had a laptop emergency last summer I had to buy a system 'off the shelf' at a local computer store.  NO XP to be found, only Vista machines.  Now, I will not lie, I like many aspects of the Vista system (I am currently in a Vista Commercial on a Microsoft site...and, NO, I ...
 My thoughts for those who are only interested in making the "Sale":If you are not going to be authentic, and truly care deeply about the PEOPLE (That is HUMAN BEINGS!) you get the SINCERE PLEASURE of helping find the perfect house to create a HOME in...then get out!  (Am I being crass??  You bet...
Like many of you, I post my listings to Craig's List.  (FREE CLASSIFIED's Online)  Now, while most the inquiries I get are legit, I thought I would pass this beauty on to all of you as a "Head's-Up".After posting a new high-end listing I got the following e-mail:Hello,I was browsing through this ...
So, I have just finished the two days of classes to attain my Accredited Seller's Representative Designation.  Interesting stuff.  I am not one to gather designations for the sake of adding cute logos or a series of initials to my business card.  I really don't think that most of the folks we get...
I have been having so much FUN building and tweaking my branding, imaging and marketing!The process, the ideas, it all continually builds.  I try one thing out, live with it for a few days, decide if it can stay or go, re-design, remove, rebuild, re-post.  Instant gratification!  (the 'tools of m...
 HOW TO BE HAPPY Are you almost disgusted with life, little man?I'll tell you a wonderful trickthat will bring you contentment, if anything canDo something for somebody, quick!Are you awfully tired with play, little girl?Wearied, discouraged, and sick-I'll tell you the loveliest game in the world...
OOOOH!!!  I truly love the format of this group!  What a great place to give well-deserved kudos to others in the industry!This is VERY MUCH Live good. Be happy.'s STYLE!I want to take a moment to recognize Tom Plant.I went on Tom's site on Active Rain a few months ago and posted a simple remark ...

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