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        Prevent Ice Dams from Forming on Your Roof     When temperatures plummet and snow starts falling, many of us reach for the shovel or snow blower. Smart homeowners, though, remember to look up too — and check their roofs for ice. Ice dams are accumulations of ice on the edge of the roof — ...
My advice to new agents, is always turn the conversation to real estate.  People always want to talk about real estate and always know someone that needs to buy or sell We both know that you get the question all the time from anyone who finds out you're involved in real estate. Curious people who...
New Year....New goals for 2010. It is back to work for me! Today I met with my 2 new agents that are joining my team. Demi is starting her real estate licensing course tomorrow morning and Jonathan is getting ready to resign from corporate America to join me and my team. Jonathan is my son, Demi...
I am finally moved in to the Little Green House. The movers showed up early Monday morning and loaded the truck and got ready to leave the townhouse. I promptly dropped everything I was doing, made sure my dog Cassie and 2 cats, McGee and Skittles were all accounted for, had their food, water an...
  I am trying to frenetically get my office pulled together and packed up for our big move to our new house on Monday. I thought that this would be a good time to move since real estate is quiet from now until mid January. Seems like business keeps on going, even though I am on vacation mode. I ...
    House flipping - it's the big trend in real estate. For those who are not risk-adverse and have a good eye for a home's potential, house flipping can be a lucrative money-making venture. However, it isn't for everyone, nor is it for every market. What is house flipping? House flipping involve...
Sustainable Lifestyles Reducing, Reusing and Recycling Recycling is important, but first and foremost: Use less. The things you do use can often be used over and over again - either for the same purpose or for something totally new. Be creative. Not only are you cutting back on your resource use;...
Whether you own or rent, the following 45 simple ideas can help you save money (and the planet) today.   Youdon't have to build from scratch to turn your not-so-new house into a dwelling that's eco-friendly and more economical to run. KEY UPFRONT COST: $ Low or none | $$ Moderate ($50-$500) | $$$...
               More Green Tips 1. Recycle with Style: Instead of buying new furniture and accessories, look for vintage, restorable pieces or those made from recycled materials. 2. Switch your Bulbs: Replace incandescent with compact fluorescents. They may cost more now, but they'll save you mone...
  Ten Ways to Go Green and Save Green Climate change is in the news. It seems like everyone's "going green." We're glad you want to take action, too. Luckily, many of the steps we can take to stop climate change can make our lives better. Our grandchildren-and their children-will thank us for liv...

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