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Substantiating Investment IntentThe 1031 Code SectionReal Estate held as "stock in trade or other property held primarily for sale" is excluded from the tax benefits of IRC section 1031. Stock in trade describes property which is excluded in the inventory of a dealer ("dealer property")  and is h...
Are You Sure You Understand 1031 Exchanges? PART 2Commonly Misunderstood Issues in Real Property 1031 Exchanges*In an effort to dispel 1031 Exchange Myths, I have been posting the most commonly misunderstood aspects of 1031 exchanges. You can find the first post in this series here: 1031 Exchange...
The California Association of Realtors has put programs together to assist California Realtors cope with our stabilizing market. The information regarding each area is provided below. Here is the link to the C.A.R. website to see the information below and sign up for the seminars:  http://www.rea...
In the California Association of Realtors Newsletter they provided a link on this very subject. Here's their description:"Behavioral finance professor Hersh Shefrin of Santa Clara University discusses why some homeowners decline to accept an offer from a buyer that is less than their inflated ask...
Shopping Your QI For PriceYOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOROne of the most frustrating aspects of any business that prides itself on exemplary service, exceptional execution and meticulous attention to detail, is the price shopper.Word to the wise, most reputable QI's charges for a delayed exchange start ...
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 7 Minutes of Great InformationI just received a great email from John Burns Real Estate Consulting. It contained an excellent video regarding the cyclical nature of the housing market. In addition, it analyzed the previous major housing downturns since 1970 and the current one we are experiencin...
Are You Sure You Understand 1031 Exchanges?Commonly Misunderstood Issues in Real Property 1031 Exchanges*1.  Like-Kind Property MYTH: In order for replacement property to be considered like-kind it must be exactly the same type of property as the relinquished property i.e. commercial for commerci...

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