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I'm a Southern gal who LUVS  bar-b-que (BBQ)... Whether it's BBQ chicken, BBQ shrimp, BBQ beef brisket, BBQ fish... I could do a Forrest Gump litany on how many ways to do BBQ, but I digress. My most favorite BBQ is baby back ribs! When I received my SAVEUR magazine this month my mouth fell open....
Hello Everyone— Sally Cheeseman has yet another POSITIVE ATTITUDE for the Weary Soul cool contest for you. The theme for the contest is Spring Cleaning and Fresh Ideas for Changing Times which is perfect for this time of year... and this year especially since we are all undergoing so much change ...
tripping through the tulips...I love flowers. I enjoy them whenever I see them. There are few flowers I do not find appealing. However, initially I was not a tulip fan, but as with most things... given some time to develop an appreciation for something I found something to appreciate. So it is wi...
I've finally decided to tell you MORE about one of the most important professional and personal success stories in my life... I am proud to share it with you. I also hope it may inspire someone else... someone that is facing just one or a multitude of issues which makes them wonder IF they will s...
      Copyright 2009 by Linda Bourgault and lulugraphix. All rights reserved.
Copyright 2009 Linda Bourgault and lulugraphix. All rights reserved.
                                        Photo:  Interior of hot air balloon. (Seen at Explored on Flickr) Last year as my fifty-eighth birthday approached I was contemplating how I wanted to live my life... to live it fully and passionately while embracing new adventures and doing something good...
Copyright 2009 Linda Bourgault and lulugraphix. All rights reserved.
While I was out driving around running errands one afternoon in Lewisville, Texas I looked up and saw this amazing cloud formation building as a cold front was blowing in. Of course, I had to pull over, jump out with my camera and dodge traffic to capture it before it changed again. This is what...

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