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                          No Room in the InboxI've had an office pet for a few years now.  Our most recent additions are these two girls, Lily and Molly.  We use Lily and Molly in our advertising and many of our marketing pieces.  Lily and Molly have even sponsored "Ledyard's Best Pet Contest", w...
      There have been a few blogs of late from newbies (I say affectionately as we were all new once.)  looking for ideas of how to increase business.  When agents start in the business one of the first things they do is print up business cards.  The second thing they need to do is actually give ...
I just sent an email to a local agent with some information about an offer I was putting together on one of her listings.  I received an “auto responder” saying she was out of town and wouldn't be returning emails until  after the 27th.  Period.  (That’s 5 days from now).  Wow!  While I understan...
Bankrate, a nifty little site full of interesting information, recently reported on a closing cost comparison study.  For the 2nd year in a row, New York "won" the title of the state with the highest closing costs.  Missouri was reported as having the lowest closing costs. The average cost was $3...
I’m not sure why I was born organized. I guess it was my “gift”.  While the others kids in the neighborhood were taking piano lessons and attending football camps, I was making lists and multi-tasking.  It’s no wonder that I love Paperport – a great organizational tool, whether you were born orga...
As a listing agent, I typically avoid attending the home inspection and advise my seller to do the same.  I've had more than one seller who couldn't stand to stay away, and ended up getting themselves in trouble at a home inspection.  I had one nervous seller following around the home inspector a...
Inventory continues to build in Eastern CT, as it has in many parts of the country. Along with an increase of inventory, comes an abundance of "Brokers Opens".  Every Monday,  fax machines begin to hum and email inboxes begin to fill with invitations for free food.  The menus are a virtual smorge...
The last 10 years have brought revolutionary changes to the real estate industry especially as it relates to technology.  I'll never forget the first website I built in 1995, the same year as Microsoft launched Internet Explorer 1.0 and Windows 95.  Of course, there were very few people looking o...

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