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Sometimes having a blog can be a temptation to find things to complain about.  You know what I get bad service at your local restaurant, from tech support or at the post office and now you have a platform to air your gripes. After seeing numerous negative posts here about our competit...
 Linda Davis recently performed with Kenny Rogers in the Ledyard, CT Foxwood Casino's Fox Theatre.  So for one evening at least there was more than one Linda Davis in Ledyard, CT.  One of my team members happened to be at the casino that week and captured the photo.  Of course, she sent it around...
Congratulations!  YOU have been named Time Magazine Person of the Year!   Really.Just think...instead of waking up to the announcement that some politician has won, instead it is YOU.  And as Drudge reports tonight...."YOU were named TIME magazine 'Person of the Year' Saturday for the explosive g...
 Leigh Brown memed me today.  It's all part of the first Active Rain Meme.  I'm supposed to tell you 5 thingies about myself and then meme 3 others.I've selected Brett Ellis, George Souto and Angus Woodbury as my memers.   1.  I appeared on the Evening News with Dan Rather and was interviewed abo...
 Bill Gates, in his book called "Business at the Speed of Thought" said "How you gather, manage and use information to serve the needs of your customer will determine whether you win or lose in your business."   I happen to think Bill Gates is a pretty smart guy.  I know he has more money than I ...
                                                The very best recipe for a party in the whole world  - Dog Food Dip!!Ok, I admit I felt silly writing a recipe as a blog but hey, tis the season and all that stuff, (and there is a recipe group!!) so here I am with a recipe that you can make in adva...
                                                                                                         And the winner is........ME!!!!                                                                       Well, not really...but I feel like a winner!                                              ...
  Here's a great book that will help you learn about yourself and others.  Great material for an office meeting!   THE BOOK OF QUESTIONS asks 265 questions which will enable you to explore your fundamental values and beliefs.  Some of them explore "value-tested hypothetical situations."To underst...

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