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When you're ready to sell, your home becomes a house You be the judge.  In your heart you know that this situation is no longer working, and it's high time you slam that gavel, get rid of the emotional baggage, and move on with your life.   No, I'm not talking about marriage counseling.  I'm not ...
A snowbird's life in paradise is a short but sweet worthwhile taste of living well.  It's also a wonderful way to enjoy warm and welcoming weather for a few chilly months out of the year. But it seems just like yesterday that the celebratory welcoming parties began and now we're already  bidding ...
"Remember the good old days."  Is that saying just a cliche or is it a reminder of when life was simple and everybody paid with cash?  When families lived together or at least nearby?  A time before job relocations and jet planes put miles of space and states between loved ones.   Technology toda...
Happy landing to all the snowbirds who've flown south for another spectacular winter on the Emerald Coast.  With a couple of Snowbird flockings already under our wings, the anticipation builds as we await the arrival of the rest of our fine feathered friends in January.   Empty nesters come to ou...
FINANCIAL SUCCESS IN RETAIL AND REAL ESTATE -- DISTANT COUSINS?   "The end."   I had serious thoughts about writing this article backwards since today is the last day to shop before the clock strikes midnight . the culmination of last-minute "holiday" (or can I say Christmas?) shoppers with their...
Contributing Story to the Destin Log Real Estate Sectionby Linda Coiro, Real Estate Consultant October 8, 2005"A Little More Respect for the Open House, Please!"Motivated Homeowner!"  "Must Sell!"  These are the words of desperation running rampant in our area's real estate housing market.  Too m...

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