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  "Home theaters are great, but we feel good tasting draft beer at home is a selling feature you simply cannot ignore.  At Tap Techs, we do all things beer, from maintaining draft beer line quality in bars and restaurants to installing home beer systems.  A home beer system is not just something ...
Here is a fantastic article that we all need to know more about!  My wife has dropped 2 phones in water this year(I do not want to tell you wear that water was)   Here is the link to the article, it's in the Portland Examiner
Argentina, Chile and Australia are good values since their governments are subsidizing their wine exports. Spain is doing it as well. Because of this many producers are a good value. Jadot is a huge negociant and their wines span all of Burgundy but are not necessarily considered the best produce...
Calculating a CAP Rate for Commercial Real Estate FinancingWhen applying for a commercial real estate loan it is essential to know the value of the commercial income producing property. The following is the method of calculating a CAP rate.Direct Capitalization (CAP) is a method used to convert ...
When underwriting a commercial real estate loan, one of the most important factors used to determine the approvability of a commercial mortgage request is the DSCR, the debt service coverage ratio.The DSCR is a ratio used to analyze the amount of debt that can be supported by the cash flow genera...

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