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MortgageDaily.com says that American Home Mortgage is facing liquidation.  Newsday.com says that AHM admits insolvency.  Newsday.com says "In a move that sent shockwaves through the financial markets and left investors millions of dollars poorer, Melville-based American Home Mortgage Investment C...
 I posted in the beginning of July this post here....FHA - Updates...critical news forthcoming.  Since then, I have received numerous comments about the status of this update.  See the comments....however....I had this distubing post that Bruce Bourgalt replied....HE SAID THAT HE HAD HEARD THAT T...
After my years of floundering through high school and college, I decided that I'd become, just like the army say..."be all that you can be".  I got purposed in life and decided to use the skills and DNA that God had given me to do the most I can down here during my time walking this planet.  Now ...
 According to Reuters....Home ownership is really down now...This is exactly the time that we in real estate need to do the "right" activities with our clients in real estate.  Below is more information from Reuters regarding mortgage applications.  Now is the time to bond with your clients and d...
It seems that every time you turn around there is another story about mortgage fraud or about the sub-prime market going asunder.  I'm not sure how many people have actually put the two together.  In other words....could there be high defaults within the mortgage industry because of so much mortg...
I need some help here....I was watching this the other day and caught part of it.  I was looking on TIVO for future episodes of HOT GRILLS, COOL PATIOS.  On it they featured a patio torch for your back yard or, yes, patio.   Needless to say, the flame started on the bottom of the elevated stand i...
So I was wondering what to put up today after all my work over the past days, weeks and months.  Every topic seemed to have been covered that ever existed like in the history of the word....Then I start thinking of "new topics and realize that I've already BLOGGED about these topics.  Needless to...
I was thinking this weekend, what a better post to make than to help each other go from zero to 100 in 5 seconds.  There are so many people who are:1)  considering leaving the business;2)  Hanging on by a thread in the business;3)  or just entering the business;The problem with a lot of people is...
OK....I've been doing a little more research here....This is what I've found out.  I have done some research and it appears that it is true that this new FHA reform bill is likely to pass congress this August.  There are a myriad of things included in this bill....and it remains to be seen whethe...
I read for enjoyment, but I really like to read to have something that'll impact my life.  Let's face it...it's a long life.  I want to kick it during my entire time down here on earth.  Therefore, I really like to stay away from fiction.  I do like fiction, but I want stuff that's impactful, not...

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