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Do you know how there are some businesses that most people can do and yet the way they approach their business is what makes them stand out? Then there are businesses that not only give you outstanding customer service, but they can also help fulfill your needs for specialized applications or pro...
I'm sure you've heard this before, but it's true. I never realized that a book about friendship could change the way I approach my life and my relationships. And this is important why? Well, because every business is based on the kind of relationships we build. No one wants to be "sold" and not m...
There's a lot going on in San Diego county this Memorial day weekend! Two festivals stand out if you're looking to keep yourself entertained. One such event that I'm excited about is the Vista Strawberry festival. It's going to take place on May 29th, Sunday and promises to be quite an entertaini...
Please Help Us Save Webb LakeWhen I was a child, my dad used to take us to a lake to "feed the ducks". It's been a memory I've kept with me for a long time, so much so, that I bring my grand-daughter to "Webb Lake" to do the same. I guess for us, it's a tradition. Webb Lake is located in Rancho B...
When it rains in San Diego, most of us are happy to see it, but we really shouldn’t be on the road, if we don’t have to, so if you’re inside today, here are some fun and productive things to do: Social networkingSocial networks are said to take up a lot of time online these days, but it also serv...
San Diego always seems to have activities kicking off the summer, but this year it just seems to be earlier than usual.  Maybe it feels like that only because I don’t feel ready for the summer yet, but let’s get to the fun…                                                                          ...
Everyday we do so many different things; most of us have responsibilities to keep up with and we don’t always make time for ourselves.  Well, this is just a reminder to think about what we can do to nurture the creative side in us all. I have to admit I was hesitant to venture into a “painting” c...
I know what you’re thinking. What on earth is she talking about?  Why would I buy a home and not live in it? Well, if you want to retire some day, granted, you will want to eventually live in a home that is paid off. That’s a given. Sure, mortgage rates for investing in real estate are higher tha...
Ronald McDonald House charities of San Diego is having their 11th annual Dream House Raffle that benefits the nonprofit charitable organization, which provides a “home away from home” for families with children in the hospital.  The “dream house” is located in desirable Rancho Santa Fe and featur...
It may not have happened to you yet, but in our last heat wave, when we received our first shocker of an electricity bill, the first thing that came to mind was… THIS MADNESS MUST STOP!!! Here are the reasons why we’ve decided to have solar panels installed on our home: Facts: Utility customers w...

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