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Mortgage and Lending - Mortgages in AZ, CA, CO, DE, FL, GA, MD, MN, MT, NC, NJ, NV, OK, OR, PA, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, WI - NMLS #138061 MMCD #1141
Just One Year In Our team loan partner, Erica, just received her "1 year anniversary" certificate - one year in the mortgage business, one year on our team, one year of the craziest market we've ever seen.  For those who have worked with our team, you know 2020 was a struggle - my processor was p...
I'm in No Rush "It's Urgent""I need a preapproval letter now""Offers are due!""Please call the listing agent!""Could you help on short notice?" Ever heard these phrases?  If you work in lending or real estate, odds are they're a pretty regular part of your every day conversations.  And to be clea...
Day One Certainty (And Why You Should Care) A lot of people for a lot of years have made a lot of money in the mortgage and real estate industries without relying too much on technology.  "All I need are my relationships!" is a common refrain.  "This is a people business!" is another.  And while ...
The JM Loans team is (2x) licensed in AZ Arizona!  We finally made it.  On the heels of our recent Utah licensing, I applied to get licensed in AZ - we've had a team member licensed there, but I can't officially market our licensing without my own license, so here we are (rules are rules, even wh...
We're licensed for Mortgages in Utah I'm happy to write that as of Monday this week, I'm licensed to do mortgage originations in the state of Utah.  I've put Utah off for some time because the licensing requirements are a little more tedious than most states due to my being the only licensed LO i...
Expensive Does Not Mean Unaffordable "Affordable" is not the first word that comes to mind for anyone involved on the buying side of today's real estate market.  While we realize that real estate is local and every market is somewhat different, the vast majorities of markets in the US today have ...
Winning a Bidding War in Today’s Tough Buyer’s Market Winning a Bidding War in Today’s Tough Buyer’s Market From a production and lead generation standpoint, the majority of 2021 has been attempting to navigate the housing market to find creative, outside-the-box ways for buyer’s to compete in to...
New Member Welcome - David Fitzgerald Recently I was talking to one of my oldest, best, and most talented friends, Dave Fitzgerald.  Just catching up, shooting the breeze, and seeing how he was.   I've always known Dave to be a good guy and in the area of the arts, pretty talented.  He's gotten i...
The Biden Tax Credit - A Terrible Idea Note:  In the current political climate, it seems anything mentioning "Biden" or "Trump" becomes an "Us VS Them" conversation.  This blog is intended to be a non-partisan opinion based on facts, market conditions, and the reality that political leaders put w...
We're Professionals, Not Easy Buttons I lost a deal recently (or may have, stay tuned) when a repeat customer called me on a Friday afternoon to check to get a preapproval for a home he was going to see the following day.  I could do it.  But I didn't.  Instead, I advised him to call another lend...

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