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Mortgage and Lending - Mortgages in AZ, CA, CO, DE, FL, GA, IN, MD, MN, MT, NC, NJ, NV, OK, OR, PA, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, WI - NMLS #138061 MMCD #1141
Rate Lock Fees When getting a home mortgage, at some point along the way in the loan process, you have to "lock in" your interest rate.  Locking in guarantees the rate you're locked at.  If the market gets worse and average rates go higher, if you're locked in, you're protected.  Typically, if th...
Real estate is local.  Kind of.  It's also regional, and also national.  But keeping in mind that the US is a very big place, before discussing home values, it's important to note that in the US, there can be large differences from region to region and from one metro area to another (not to menti...
What the Fed Rate Hike Means for You The Fed hiked their Fed funds rate by .75 today, bringing their borrowing rate up to a 2.25-2.5% range.  This comes on the heels of years of the borrowing range being 0-.25%, so the increase is substantial, even with the borrowing rate remaining relatively low...
MasonMac July Social Scoop - Free and Easy Video Editing What:  Social Scoop, a monthly webinar to help you step up your social media and marketing gameWho: The MasonMac marketing teamWhen: Tuesday, July 26, 2022 10:30am Pacific (1:30pm Eastern)How to Join: Zoom:
Going the Extra MileLast Saturday, I was driving into the foothills of Auburn, CA to get in a killer trail run - just before getting to the trail head, my phone rang and it was a past client that I happened to love working with.  A DC-area detective, my client had let me know he planned on sellin...
Where Did the Buyers Go? My team is fortunate enough to work with some phenomenal real estate agents.  I'd argue we've been privileged to work with some of the very best in the country, and certainly some of the best in given markets.  And while most real estate is extremely local, one common phe...
Delayed Financing in Lenoir City, TN Many of our clients come to my team due to our expertise in delayed financing.  Recently, we got a call from a potential customer that was working with another lender who couldn't quite figure it out.  Many lenders struggle with delayed financing or don't know...
The JM Loans Team Now Covers South Dakota, Minnesota & Wisconsin I'm pleased to announce that as of today, June 16, 2022 the states of Wisconsin , South Dakota, and Minnesota have granted approval for our team to operate as mortgage bankers within the states.  This is very exciting news as we con...
The Fed Raises Rates .75 - June 15, 2022 The Fed has announced that they are raising the Fed funds rate by .75 as a result of this week's meeting.  This rate hike represents the biggest single increase since 1994, and comes on the heels of a hotter than expected inflation report last week.  The F...
Will Inflation Continue? The question of inflation is a tricky one for several reasons, perhaps the biggest being that the Fed is in damage control mode.  They're playing catch up in reckoning with their ignorance and incorrect actions based on their belief that the inflation we're knee-deep in w...

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