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Changes to pricing for conventional loans are in the news as the proposed changes are set to take place in May.  The reality is that these changes have already taken place, because they are effective for loans delivered to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac in May.  Loans closing in the next couple weeks ...
The Benefits of NonQM Mortgage Loans The real estate and mortgage industries haven't forgotten 2007-2008.  It was a year of lenders closing almost daily, loan products disappearing, and for many, the American Dream itself turning into a nightmare as the real estate bubble burst and the Great Rece...
The Importance Of A Great Title Agent Depending on the state or area you're in, when getting a mortgage, you'll be working (knowingly or not) with a title agent.  They may be referred to as "title", "closing attorney", or "escrow officer", but despite the title, the work they perform is the same ...
FHA Loans Are Getting More Affordable For the first time in a long time, HUD has announced that FHA loans are getting more affordable!  A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away (specifically, circa 2009 when housing was in a bubble that was bursting), HUD was losing a ton of money due to housin...
As in year's past, we took a look at recent data, historical data, and expected news and economic metrics to come up with a forecast for 2023.We discuss housing, rates, inflation, and recession to come up with some overall forecasts for the housing market.  It's good news for buyers, sellers, and...
"Marry the house, date the rate!" Has anyone heard this one before?  And by before, I mean, throughout 2022 as rates have risen and pushed most home buyers to the sidelines, bringing the real estate industry nearly to a halt? It's perhaps the most widely used marketing pitch in real estate this y...
Conventional loan limits for 2023 were announced today by FHFA, and while the numbers weren't too surprising, one number that stands out is that the high cost area threshold for conventional loans has exceeded $1 million.   This is important because in many high priced markets, down payment is a ...
Why am I posting today about mortgage applications when data on them is and has been released weekly for as long as I can remember?  Because this week signifies the first time application data has been released in a week where we saw a significant drop in interest rates.  Mortgage rates haven't s...
Let's Talk:  Buy Downs When the real estate market stumbles, slows, or goes through any type of shift, it's a pretty well known fact that a couple of things are about to happen:- lenders are going to get creative- inexperienced (or ignorant, or slimy) professionals in the real estate and mortgage...
Prices are falling!  Days on market continue to climb!  Rates have caused buyers to disappear!  The headlines are everywhere today.  More than 60% of homes are no longer receiving multiple offers.  Price drops are the new norm!Doom with a side of gloom are being served up in markets all over Amer...

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