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Mortgage and Lending - Mason-McDuffie Mortgage, Conventional Loans, Jumbo Loans, FHA, 203(k), USDA, VA, - NMLS #138061 MMCD #1141
Recently Closed - Relocation Home Purchase in Hendersonville, TN      One of the JM Loans team's favorite scenarios to help clients is when someone is involved in a relocation.  When people are moving state to state or cross country to an area they're not familiar with, it adds another set of str...
The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins Does anyone else 5-4-3-2-1 their ass out of bed every morning?  After reading this book, I am.  Bright and early.  Well, this time of year, maybe not so bright - but early!   Before I dive into the book, I first have to mention where I heard about it - Compass Sou...
Those Who Can't Do, Teach       As someone that once aspired to be a teacher, it pains me to write the title of this post.  As a member of the real estate industry, though, I find it necessary to point out some things that bother me about our industry.       The best - the VERY best - in the mort...
Cash Out Refinance on a Duplex in Martinez, CA       Most deals don't come easy.  Nearly every mortgage application has SOME type of puzzle piece that's difficult to place.  Thankfully, the complicated loans with lots of moving parts are the ones that make me a better loan officer, and give my te...
Oh hi, Oregon      Just the other day Montana made it lucky #13 in how many states my team could do business in, and today, Oregon became the 14th state where we can do residential mortgage loans.         My team is thrilled to be able to bring our services to the Beaver State, and this one is a ...
Can the Buyer Qualify for More? "We're about to write a counter offer so I needed to check with you to make sure the buyer can qualify for a higher amount", said the listing agent. "Yes, they will qualify for a max of $______!!", said the inexperienced loan officer who is super excited to be abou...
The JM Loans Team is Now Licensed in Montana       One thing I pride myself on is being licensed (and actually knowing how to do business in) in so many states WITHOUT the benefit of a federal charter.  I've actually had to take the initial education, testing, and continuing education in each sta...
Kudos to the Best of 2018      It's more than just a loan number on a spreadsheet.  That's the message that I try to instill in my team.  We want to make sure that we always remember the people behind the loan number.  The clients, the business partners, and the 3rd parties along the way that bri...
Government Shutdown, 2018 Edition      Not many years ago, I wrote about the ineptitude of our federal government and the effects they have on our business when their ineptitude reaches such a point where they throw their hands in the air and say "we're going home".       Well, fast forward to to...
Marketing Interrupt - the Best $50 You Can Donate  Agent Marketer's 'Martketing Interrupt' 2018 virtual conference is, in my opinion, the best $50 you can spend as an agent or loan officer if you want to learn new marketing strategies from some of the best out there.  That $50 is a donation to he...

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