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I am a Realtor in Searcy, Arkansas and I sell new homes, existing homes, commercial property, farms and land as well as manage and own rental properties. If you are looking for real estate for an investment or a home, I will be glad to assist you! You can call my personal cell number at 501-278-7659 or e-mail me at
I was reading a local magazine called Searcy Living and they had an article in there that made me think about how to comprehend how big a BILLION is.  With all of the talk on the news about the government giving X number of Billions to this company and that company, they make it sound like pocket...
I was talking with my family about a week or so ago about making a trip to New York to visit my mother.  We considered going on Spring Break but there were some issues about going at that time so it didn't look like that would work.  On Thursday morning February 26, I thought that I would just go...
I have been doing some research on technology and how to get your message out there.  One of the areas I was looking into was the high school to college age.  These are our future customers/clients and possibly competition in the business.  I have read in many resources that if you do not get int...
WOW! How would you like to get a FREE Covette when you buy your next home?  I was watching the news on Channel 4 in Little Rock, Arkansas (NBC affiliate) this weekend and this video attached below was part of it. News: Buy Home; Get a Free Corvette Now, I know some are thinking about RESPA but th...
Do you really think his proposal or I guess I should say law, will really work?  What about the people that have lived responsibly?  They live within their means, they make their mortgage payments, they are investing for their retirement, they are even paying their taxes.  The only thing I have s...
I had some ask me what is 32 and 64 bit operating systems and this was the simplest answer I was able to find that explains what it is doing. 64-bit versions of Windows Vista are for computer users who have high-performance needs and are typically running a computer with 4 GB or more of Random Ac...
I purchased a new computer and had some issues connecting my Palm Treo650.  All new computers that have more than 4gig memory will be operating on a 64 bit operating system.  Palm does not have support for you to use their product on a 64 bit operating system.  I was doing an internet search and ...
Are you in the market for a new computer system?  I was!  I went and purchased a new computer last Friday and was excited about all it had on it.  I was busy over the weekend so I had to wait until Monday to set it up.  I was almost like a little kid that couldn't wait to play with his new toy!  ...
I was reading a few blogs the other day and they were talking about how much time they don't have to spend with family.  One of them had small children and I suggested that they take time to spend with them while they are young because before you know it, they will be grown.  I created a little v...
I am truly confused on what is actually happening.  Sometimes I think "I got it!" then they change direction.  I never have liked the politics of getting things done even in my small town of about 25,000.  It should be either black or white, but I guess our human nature mixes things up with seein...

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