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Author Bio: With over 21 years of experience in real estate, Jon’s knowledge of the real estate market and real estate industry is exceptional. Jon started investing in real estate before he decided to obtain his Real Estate Salesperson's License. Jon is a native of Long Beach, Jon currently lives and works in Long Beach California, and Jon has a deep passion for Long Beach California and its rich culture. Jon provides the best local area and relocation information, tips for investors, buyers, and sellers, current market reports, mortgage rates and much more…..
We have the ability to navigate and think our way to success; isn't being human great? Yes, especially for those who navigate well and are wellminded. The industry might soon undergo some changes. From my understanding, there might be a minor bump or two and a few logistical changes in how Co-ops...
I am lucky; my parents are doing well, and I often see and talk with them. I love discussing stuff with my father. With 8-plus decades of life experience, my father truly enjoys discussing current topics. My dad and I recently discussed the NAR commission settlement. Besides thinking they have o...
 Before I get into “pause what a pleasure” It’s hard to believe a decade ago my AR journey began. Needless to say, I love the Rain (and it showed as I splashed often here 9 out of those 10 years!) Whether I am just taking a break “or” this is just my new normal here; I just don’t know. Regardless...
 Warning To All Property Owners/Managers…  Be aware – the world is filled with dangerous people! As reported in Inman: Salt Lake City police arrested three people in connection with the death of a real estate agent and father of four young children who was shot and killed while trying to evict te...
 Buying A Home This Fall Comes With Some Advantages  Thinking about buying a home this fall? Sure, the days get shorter as we enter the fall and winter months, but there are a few benefits for those looking to buy a home this fall. With the shorter days and longer night ahead, one would think “no...
  Making Home Ownership Possible – Is Divvy The Answer?   Over the past decade, the dream of owning a home keeps falling further out of reach. American wages have not kept up with rising home prices. We’ve seen tougher lending practices and we’re facing rising interest rates. Unfortunately, the c...
Stimulate Your Financial Circumstance -  Try Acorns  Living in California is sublime, it is also pretty darn expensive, too! There’s no getting around it, the rising cost of living keeps charging and it is getting tougher for most folks to save money. The idea of saving money sounds great. But in...
 I Couldn’t Help But Wonder…  In a world where it is easier than ever to connect to each other (as a society), do we take it too far? Is the excessive use of handheld mobile computers responsible for unleashing unintended consequences triggering us to disconnect? Sadly, here’s what I am talking a...
Make A Difference – Find Your Smile   Just like a rolling stone gathers no moss, roaming with a smile garners bright light and cheerfulness. The world around us moves quickly and it seems our industry is moving just as fast. And although we have very little control over the speed of life; spreadi...
 EVERY DROP OF RAIN COUNTS   According to our very own Debbie Reynolds, day one of Inman Connect brought thousands of real estate professionals to San Francisco, CA. Over the years Inman Connect has gained traction and is an event for those that want to learn about the latest trends, get new conc...

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