In the United States, our legal system holds landowners responsible for ensuring the premises are safe for those who are invited onto their properties. According to Los Angeles personal injury attorney Brian Panish, property owners have an ethical and legal duty to make sure their premises are fr...
  We have all heard of stories about divorcing couples warring with each other (the movie War of the Roses comes to mind).  When tensions get high, some people will resort to almost anything.  But what about when the    David Wilkinson - Orange County Divorce Lawyer Generally, no.  During a divor...
Property division, especially when it involves the marital home, can be a hotly contested aspect of a divorce.  But what if a couple has one or more rental properties?  How the property is split is a matter for divorce courts.  Legally speaking, divorcing couples can co own rental property, but i...
Keeping the family home when going through a divorce is a big decision (selling the house may be an even bigger one). If you still have a mortgage, you will be assuming responsibility for the loan and may want to consider removing your spouse from the mortgage.  Also, taking your ex off will help...

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