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It's been driving me nuts that I can't find zip code maps on-line.  Sure, you can type a zip code into Google Maps or Mapquest and they will show you the area of the zip code, but not the boundries of the zip code.Today I found a website that does show you zip code boundries on on-line maps, for ...
Yes, the market is flooded with foreclosures and short sales.  Having started real estate in a strong market, I find I need to learn more about weak market realities, and that certainly means foreclosures these days. For now, I have found it best to read information provided by other people ... w...
It's been a while since I have posted, so I'd better catch up with the latest and greatest news.  Most everyone currently interested in buying a home knows about the government's recent stimulus package that includes a temporary (until December 31, 2008) increased limit for conforming loans, but ...
The last entry I made was about using free traffic/map services on a web-enabled phone as a way to avoid biting the bullet and buying a GPS. One realtor in CA pointed out that my method (which requires typing things into your phone and pushing buttons for subsequent  turning information using Goo...
I have been shopping around for a GPS. I think right now the Magellen Maestro 4040 is the best bet --> but @ a suggested manufacturer's suggested retail price of US$500 can make anyone think twice before purchasing.So I found a way to ki...
November 25, 2007I almost forgot to post this one.  The other day I was trying to figure out where a potential client had called from.  Since I have only lived in three states, California, Indiana and Maryland, I am only familiar with area codes in those states (even just parts of those states). ...
November 25, 2007 Today looking for recent news about the softening market in the DC area was a tad depressing, as we all know we are well into the current slump here, and it looks like we are probably still heading downward for another nine months or so.  But my interest was piqued when I came a...
With gas prices going up and local governments trying to make services more accessible to residents, it is helpful to have a tool to measure how "walkable" a neighorhood is for a particular home. Here are two good websites to get you up to speed on walkable neighborhoods:http://www.walkableneighb...
Thanksgiving has come and gone and the colder weather seems to have settled in, but this is no time for buyers to "hibernate" until the spring. Montgomery County has approved a new recordation tax rate that will affect purchases of $500,000 or more that close after February 29, 2008."[Montgomery ...

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