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ersonal service is a quality that I pride myself on. I'll be there every step of the way to help you qualify for the program that meets your stated goals & objectives. I care about my clients and will work 24/7 to ensure that you receive the outstanding service that you deserve when making a decision regarding your financial future. If you're an aspiring Loan Officer interested in an opportunity with 1st Advantage Mortgage, my many years of experience in the industry will benefit you with personal training in sales strategies & concepts, as well as assisting you in learning and understanding the many facets of product and technology related to our business. My management style is to allow people to leverage their own talents in support of their own ambitions and experience success together. My role is not to manage other people but to lead people where they want to go with syneragy. Phone: 770-623-6341
Wishing you a Great 2010! Please share your Favorite Motivational Quote.  Mine is:   " A walk of 1000 miles starts with the first step"  Ghandi   Happy New Year to all! From Richard Simpson Richard Simpson 770-62...
Generate Local Real Estate and Mortgage leads First  By Richard Simpson   The best audience to go after in the beginning of your mortgage marketing venture, is to target those who are local to your county or state. You need to incorporate the following mortgage marketing tactics to get the atten...
    Essential Elements of Quality Ads (Real Estate or Mortgage) 1) Too Much Information – I see too many agents and LO’s giving away the farm when they make up an ad.  Wether it is in the newspapers, online, whatever, agents are divulging so much information that the customer has no incentive to ...
Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac suspending Mortgage Foreclosures for the Holidays!
Avoid Mortgage Foreclosure Common Foreclosure Myths Avoid Mortgage Foreclosure with help that works! MYTH: My Mortgage company would rather foreclose on my home than keep me in it. The mortgage company sustains an average loss of about $58,000 when foreclosure occurs (TowerGroup study). They are ...
Are Bandit Signs a Good Real Estate Marketing Tool? Simply put. Directional bandit signs work great! With today's increasingly high costs to advertise in local newspapers many real estate builders sellers have no choice but to use alternative methods to print advertising. Proven effective for ma...
How can I view my credit report? An important key point a loan consultant considers when helping you decide which lender/program is best for you is to view your credit. For most mortgage companies, you will need a 3 RMCR (Residential Mortgage Credit Report). This report generally costs $60-$70 de...
A Smile for you  Check out this video by  placing your curser over the below link.   It is a hoot!     Richard Simpson, 1st Advantage Mortgage Desk:  770-623-6341 Office: 11285 Elkins Road, J-8, Roswell, GA  30076    e-Mail: Web site: http://www.1stam.ins...

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