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Emotions are like the wind, they change regularly and with that change comes attitudes that can sometimes affect the decisions that we make every day.  Whether good or bad, our actions and decisions are usually the direct result of the mood that we may be in at any given time. Have you ever worke...
The title of this blog is from an award winning song by John Lennon.   When you come right down to it, truer words could never be spoken.  Life does in fact get in the way of our plans. Today is a day like any other.  I am sure that many of you got out of bed and began your day like every other d...
I am amazed at the amount of client inquiries that are surfacing of late.  The phone doesn't stop ringing and the amount of interested buyers are coming out of the woodwork.  I for one am extremely happy about the turn of events from a year ago.  It seems that there are a number of reasons for th...
I recently was asked to set up a showing with a lead from RE/MAX Lead Street.  Our companies way to distribute inquiries from the Internet.  I was pleased to oblige and immediately called the Lister to set up the showing request.  I was somewhat amazed to hear the response from the listing agent....
Hello and welcome to another Sunday.  For those of you who never have open house, this will not mean anything to you.  For those of us who once again, feel that the open house is a good way to show your home, here we are. After a one year sebatical, I am again opening my homes to show the public ...
May the sun always shine in your face and wind always be at your back.  May the sun never set on an unhappy event in your life and may it never rain on your parade.  Wouldn't this be a wonderful way to live our lives?  Always sunny weather.  Never any hardship or stife. I know I would love it.  O...
  As I sit here watching "Meet The Press" this Sunday morning, I am amazed at some of the comments and verbiage that is being used in this economic crisis.  There are words such as:  Crash, Panic, Hysteria, Fear, Trepidation and many more that are causing to some degree, the current lack of confi...
With the ever increasing trauma in the financial world, there are more and more individuals who are beginning to panic.  They are pulling their money our of the market with standing orders to sell all of their stocks.   At least this is what national headline news is saying. It is true that there...
$8000.00 Federal tax credit.  If you only owe $2000.00 in taxes at the end of this (2008) and buy a home after Jan. of 2009, you will be eligible for the tax credit of $8000.00 in the form of a Government check , a reduction of the amount of income taxes that you owe, or a combination of the two....
Did you ever have one of those days when everything went your way and whoever you talked to or interacted with was positive?  Didn't that make you feel great?  If you are like I am, you probably became happier and in turn treated everyone around you differently.  You were more enthusiastic, joyfu...

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