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Luckily I have wi-fi, and can get online from the garage. If given a choice, that is where I am. Between MLS searches, arranging marketing, and pre-viewing homes, I will try to get in a little welder time, or at least clean some of the tools from the last wrenching session.



I was talking with one of my mortgage guys a few days ago, and the subject of mortgage timelines came up… and there is still time to get your dream home for the holidays…  OK, not Thanksgiving… but Christmas is still possible for a few days… New Year’s is possible for about a week. Image via Wiki...
When we get out into the world, there are two main methods of getting from Place A (where you are) to Place B (the portion of the world that you are getting out to).  Just get it done...  Enjoy the ride... Sometimes, you can blend the two...  But not often.  I have done both, and absolutely prefe...
I wrote a couple of posts about Posterous in the last week or so... Get Posterous-ized... The Great Posterous Experiment... If you aren't familiar with Posterous, they might be a good place to start.  As mentioned in "The Great Posterous Experiment", I devoted the weekend to using Posterous while...
I have been VERY curious about Posterous.  I have watched about it, written about it, listened about it and played with it.  But I have really "used" it much.  I'm a Man with an Excuse Plan... While everyone else is shopping for nifty junk they don't need for people they may not like that much, I...
Honestly, Thanksgiving is one of my least favorite holidays.  I love the idea behind it, and can fully support being thankful for all of the wonderful things in my life... but I think that is something that we should remember daily, not just remember because there is a meal connected to it.  And ...
The Gwinnett County Commission is looking at an offer to privatize Briscoe Field.  Currently, the county owns and runs the airpost, near Lawrenceville, off GA316.  It has an operating budget of about $1,000,000/year.  All of the money generated in fees and leases have to be plowed back into the b...
Let's get the first part out of the way...  It is pronounced pa-stir-us... like in preposterous... which would be "life before Posterous." Posterous is a blogging site...  and if you are playing in social media, you really need to get onto it if you aren't already.  In fact, I will be including i...
I was wandering around the control panel for my webhost (I use BlueHost - affiliate link) and noticed that I had 12 blogs I was administering.  Don't panic, that includes my wife's websites for her company, as well as a family blog and the blog for my son's Flat Stanley.  But still...  Keeping up...
My son had a hockey mini-camp today with the Atlanta Thrashers.  He has another one coming up tomorrow, too... He hasn't had the opportunities to skate that he had over the summer, or even last year... his skills are slipping a little.  While he was getting out of his hockey gear after the ice ti...
I got a battery yesterday.  It is an Optima Yellow Top.  For people that are outside of the off-road or racing world... big whoop, right?  But there is a little backstory here.  I won the battery at an event called Mud4Blood.  It is a blood drive in the Atlanta area off-road community.  LifeSouth...

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